What Are the Main Types of Mattresses?

One in three adults in the US does not get enough sleep regularly. There are many reasons for this, but one common cause is often overlooked: their mattress.

A poor mattress can cause disturbed sleep and a range of physical issues such as back pain. The good news is there are plenty of mattress options out there to suit all needs and preferences.

Read on to learn the common types of mattresses to help you make the best decision.


Mattresses have been around for over 39,000 years, but one of the oldest mattresses of the modern world is the innerspring mattress. Even though it is one of the most traditional mattress styles, it is popular for a reason.

Innerspring mattresses have a support system made out of coils. They can be individually wrapped or connected. It comes in a range of mattress options but is usually a firm mattress, with more coils equalling more support.

Innerspring mattresses are not the best mattresses for allergies as they are not always hypoallergenic.


Hybrids are some of the best mattresses because they combine the best aspects of different mattress styles. Usually, a hybrid mattress combines memory foam technology with innerspring. A quality hybrid mattress can provide outstanding durability and comfort.

Foam Mattresses

Did you know that NASA invented memory foam in the 1970s? There are now several different types of foam mattresses, including gel-infused foam.

A gel-infused mattress uses gel microbeads in the memory foam to help regulate sleep temperature and maintain comfort. Memory foam works similarly by molding to a person’s body shape, which helps distribute your body weight on the mattress.

The lack of springs makes foam a quiet mattress that can be more durable. People with physical issues such as joint pain can find it more comfortable. It usually costs more than other mattresses.


Latex mattresses are a great environmentally friendly option if you pick a natural latex option. It is similar to memory foam as it provides pressure relief and contouring.

There are two main types of latex processes; Dunlop and Talalay. Talalay tends to have a softer foam finish, but they are more expensive than Dunlop. Some mattress options use a combination of latex.

It can be hard to decide between the different mattress styles, especially as there are some similarities. Check out Furniture Marketplace to compare latex mattress styles with other common types of mattresses.

Choosing Between the Types of Mattresses

A quality mattress will last you years. But there are many different types of mattresses on the market, and each mattress style also can vary depending on the manufacturer. So, how can you find the best mattresses?

The most important tip for choosing a mattress is to try it before you commit. You want to sleep on your choice and make an informed choice. So, pick a mattress provider that has a transparent returns policy and good customer service.

Always check customer reviews when comparing mattress options too.

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