What is Information Technology


           Technology is the use of computers to create, process, store, retrieve and exchange all kinds of data and information. Information technology is the knowledge used to organize, scroll and transfer information.


       When small computers were introduced in 1950, they were not used by business people.

In 1970 when the microprocessor was duplicated and personal computers were introduced, personal computers brought IT to many people and started using it for many purposes, including home entertainment, education, entertainment.


             In this era, the use of information technology is seen at every step. The use of information technology includes computer systems, software, databases, networking, internet, mobile technology, smartphone etc. Technology is very important for everyone life, it not only helps in the development of the individual but also in the development of the country,

           Today, technology has progressed in all fields of education, entertainment, business, tourism and medicine etc. This led to the development of modern tools that humans started using in their lives.


1: With the help of technology, you can buy, sell and deliver goods.

2: It also helps in education.

3: With the help of technology, we can also keep a record of the goods transacted.

4: Its use makes business easier.

5: It helps to deliver various products and services to people.

6: Smartphones are very  important in today’s era. Due to which people can talk from one place to another.


              The future of information technology is looking very bright because it is developing day by day. If any nation wants to develop in the future, it needs education in information technology.

           Also, the use of technology is very important in human life without which the development of any person is impossible.