The Best Trendy Wallpaper Designs 

While the world is getting smaller, many different cultures still exist to be explored. One great way to do this is through trendy wallpaper design. These can be inspired by the rich tapestry of world cultures and design styles incorporating various colours, patterns, and textures from around the globe.

This blend of cultures creates a truly unique and one-of-a-kind look with its bold use of colours and patterns, making this popular design style sure to make a statement in any space. 

So if you’re looking for a way to add global flair, here are some inspiring places and paintings turned into wallpapers to decorate your spaces. 

·       Chinoiserie wallpapers

Chinoiserie is a French word that refers to a style of art and design incorporating Chinese elements. Although chinoiserie is often associated with China, the Chinese never used this style in their homes.

Europeans developed a fascination with the East and began importing chinoiserie-style items from China. As a result, chinoiserie became very popular in Europe during the 18th century, and many high-society homes featured these elements in their interiors. 

This was because its style was unique and blended different cultures. You can see this in how it mixes British, French, and Chinese designs. This mix of cultures makes a unique look. Another thing that makes the chinoiserie style unique is bold colours and patterns.

So, if you want to add some excitement to your décor, then the chinoiserie style is worth considering.

·       Tropical wallpapers

Wallpapers are a great way to add personality to your home décor. And what could be more personal than nature? Tropical wallpapers bring the outdoors inside, adding a touch of paradise to any room. 

Whether you want to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation or add colour and life to your walls, these wallpapers are perfect to fit in. Pride Palms, Giraffe’s Stroll, Parrots of Brazil, Mischievous Monkeys, Mauritius Dusk, and Tropical Bellewood are gorgeous examples of tropical wallpapers.

The rich colours and intricate patterns are sure to add intrigue and interest to any space. So whether you’re looking for something calm and serene or exotic and exciting, these tropical wallpapers transform your space into a paradise.

·       Indian folk art wallpapers

India is home to a rich tapestry of cultures, with over 2,500 tribes and regional groupings. This diversity is reflected in the nation’s art, which encompasses various styles and traditions. While some old art forms have remained unchanged over time, others have transformed, incorporating elements of modernity and originality.

  • One example of a traditional Indian art form is Madhubani paintings. Bright colours and intricate patterns characterise them, often depicting scenes from Hindu mythology. 
  • Another popular art form is Bhil painting, known for its bold lines and geometric shapes depicting scenes from everyday life.
  • Indian miniature paintings are distinguished by their small size, exquisite detailing, and thoughtful expressions. Persian forms influenced Miniature paintings, which were popular throughout the Mughal Empire around the 16th century. 
  • The Gondi tribe of Madhya Pradesh developed bright, vibrantly coloured Gond paintings, primarily representing flora and fauna, as part of their feeling of belonging to nature. 
  • Kalamkari, which means “pen drawings”. These paintings are characterised by their use of natural dyes and intricate designs, which continue to be popular throughout the country today.

Using it as a collage wallpaper or depicting unique art, you can bring a bit of that creativity and tradition into your home. So let your roots guide you and let the traditions of our nation inspire you with this Indian folk art wallpaper.

Final thoughts

The design trends for wallpaper may come and go, but one thing that remains constant is a landscape from your homeland or an abstract painting that makes you happy. While all of the art featured in this post is beautiful and inspiring, we hope you’ll find a piece that speaks to you specifically and use it to decorate your space.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance or be playful to your home this year, consider using trendy wallpaper designs to have a classy look.