How long does it take to change the oil?

how long does it take to change the oil

how long does it take to change the oilWhether you have a new or old vehicle, it requires several things to run continuously. Filling the vehicle with oil is one of those necessary things. If you drive your own car, you must know this fact. 

So, how long time does it take to change the oil of a vehicle? If you don’t know this fact, you might lose more than the required time and money to change well. That’s why understanding the importance and timings of changing a car’s oil is very important.  

Below, we’ve broken the importance of changing the oil and how it takes to change. Let’s just begin! 

Importance of changing the engine oil

Changing the oil of the vehicle is an essential part of maintenance. If you want to keep your vehicle fit and fine, you must refill the oil into the vehicle timely.

Let’s break down the importance of changing the oil in a vehicle.

Enhance the car’s functionality 

Without oil, the parts of a car won’t function properly. To run a car smoothly, you must ensure its parts are functioning properly. 

Cooling down different car’s parts

The moving parts of a car, such as pistons, valves, and other engine parts, get heated after a long time running. The mobile of the engines cools down these crucial parts of a car. 

Removing the impurities 

The build-up dirt and particles create obstacles onto the engine. As a consequence, the running car gets stopped frequently. The fresh engine oil reduces this dirt and particles from the engine.

And a clean engine guarantees the car won’t make any disturbance while running for a destination. 

Enhancing the lifespan of an engine

Routine oil change enhances the lifespan of the vehicle’s engine. With the lubrication, the engine oil protects the critical parts of the car from getting damaged. Thus, it reduces the requirement of servicing a car for a long time.

How to Change Your Oil (COMPLETE Video Guide)


How long does it take to change the oil?

How long does it take to change the oil from a car depends on which option you’ll use? 

There’re versatile available choices for changing the oil of a vehicle. Some of those options change the engine oil very fast but costly. And some of them are inexpensive but consume lots of time to finish the work. 

Let’s explore those available options for changing the oil of a car. 

Express service garage 

For changing the engine’s oil, firstly, you can choose the express service garage. Why? That’s because it’s an incredibly fastest and efficient way of changing the engine oil. 

Unlike the other options, the express service garage only takes 15 minutes to change a car’s oil. Nevertheless, this service is not available for all types of engines.

Some engines leave the old oils into the car. The express service can’t pump out those oil and enter the new oil into the car.

General repair shops

The general mechanic repair shop is one of the conventional places to change engine oil. Almost all of us use the option to change the engine oil of our vehicle.

A general repair shop typically takes 30 to 45 minutes to change the engine oil based on their experiences. For instance, if the mechanic who is working for you is experienced enough, your work will be done quickly. 

Conversely, the inexpert or inexperienced mechanic would take more than enough time to change the engine oil.

The repair shops providing services for an extended period hire the experienced mechanic or make the mechanics expert. So, if you find such repair shops, there are the highest possibilities of getting your work done at minimum time.

However, the express service is very costly compared to most other services of changing oil. Sometimes you’ll have to keep your car at their garage for refilling the engine oil. In that case, it might take a whole night or several days to change the oil. 

Nevertheless, from the viewpoint of their service, the repair shops are really worth the costs they charge. 

Car dealership oil change

The dealership oil change is another costly but safer option for changing the oil. Similar to the express service, this dealership also needs 30 to 45 minutes to change the engine oil. 

However, the car dealership oil changing service is not the best choice for all vehicles. Plus, it’s not available to service found anywhere; hence, everyone can’t receive the service.

Although it’s available in some places, it requires several weeks to get an appointment for the car dealership service. But the dealerships take full responsibility in case there happens to be any problem due to the oil change. That’s why the users consider it better and safest than the other oil changing options. 

When choosing the car dealership oil change, the car’s age and warranty will heavily affect your decision. When receiving service from the car dealership, keep this fact in mind.  

Change the engine oil on yourself – The cheapest options.

If you want to change your engine oil at the lowest price? Well, in that case, you can change your engine oil by yourself. It’s not so difficult to change the engine oil on yourself.

Nevertheless, quality service and timing in this method vary on your expert level. It possibly will take 1 hour or more to change the engine oil from your car.

Although it’s quite a straightforward job, there is certain equipment you’ll need to do it. Purchasing that equipment is a long time investment for your car.

In case if you make a blunder while changing the engine oil, you should call for a mechanic immediately.

To avoid any blunder during changing oil, research on how to change the engine oil on yourself. Afterward, practice a bit before starting the work.

To make the oil changing easier for you, we have come with the guidelines for changing oil. Continue the article if you want to do the work on yourself. learn more

What are the processes of changing engine oil?

Replacing the engine oil from a car is not a big deal. If you’ve decided to change the engine oil on yourself, it’s the best decision ever. Here we’re about to converse the processes of changing the oil in a car.

But let’s first know about the important accessories you’ll need in the oil change process. 

Equipment you’ll need…

  • A container
  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Oil filter gasket 

Now, use the equipment and follow our guidelines to change the oil of your engine. 

Place a drain pan

Firstly, place a drain pan underneath the center of your car on the ground. Make sure the drain pan is large enough to hold the oils of your engine. 

Remove the oil cap 

Unscrew the oil cap from the car, which is located on top of the engine. This step will allow us to drain out the old engine oil from the underneath of the car. 

Removal of drain plug bolt

Remove the drain plug bolt from the underneath of the car with a right-sized crescent wrench or socket. 

After completing this step, the old oil is coming out from the car and falling on your placed container. Wait for several minutes until the old engine oil is fully drained. 

Eradicate the oil filter and the gasket 

Use a plastic wrapper around the filter while removing it to avoid the spilling of oil.

Now, Remove your old oil filter from the downside of your car. It should come out when you twist the filter steady with your hand. Nevertheless, if the filter doesn’t come out with the bare hands, use the oil filter wrenches to remove it.  

Also, make sure to bring out the rubber gasket along with the old oil filter.

Lubricate the oil filter and put on the right place 

Put a few droplets of oil onto the oil filter and the rubber gasket for lubricating. This step will reduce the time of new oil retrieval. 

Now, please put on the lubricated oil filter and rubber gasket from where you’ve removed them. 

Pour the fresh engine oil. 

Open up the cover of your purchased oil and smoothly pour the fresh engine oil in the engine’s fill hole. Make sure you’re creating any bubbles while pouring the oil onto the car. Keep the bottle steady as much as possible until you fill the oil tank.

Place the fill of the cap of the engine.

Have you done pouring the oil onto the engine? If so, then place the fill cap of the engine in the right place. Twist the cap tightly so that it doesn’t cause any leak from the engine.

Check the oil pressure.

Start the car after filling the oil to check whether the oil has been placed perfectly or not. 

How often do you need to do an oil change?

Do you want to run your car efficiently without stopping at the middle road? If so, then you better change the oil of the engines after crossing every 3000 miles.

After crossing 3000 miles, the engine’s oil gets dirty. As a consequence, you’ll find the car is causing problems at the midway. On the basis of your car’s type, you might need to change the oil often after 1000 miles. 

Some newer and expensive automobiles can run up to 5000 to 7000 miles without changing the engine oil. Furthermore, some vehicles with synthetic oil go 15000 miles without any disturbance.

Overall, the oil changing time varies based on your car types. 

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The sum up!

All in all, changing engine oil is very important to increase the lifespan of the engine. Apart from this, the fresh oil also runs your car without stopping at the middle path. That’s why it’s one of the crucial parts of maintaining a car.

So, how long does it take to change the oil? It’s a common query that you need to know for saving the excess time. Hopefully, you have understood how long time needs to change the engine oil by now. 

Plus, you’ve provided the guidelines for them among you who want to change the engine oil by yourself.