Everything you need to know about Linehaul Transportation

Everything you need to know about Linehaul Transportation

Linehaul transportation is a bit like sharing an Uber with a few people, but it’s about moving goods, not passengers. Linehaul optimises space and delivery times because goods with similar destinations can be packed together. 

Here’s all you need to know about linehaul transportation.

What’s linehaul transportation?

It’s the movement of products over long distances by different modes of transport, and the processes of connecting producers and manufacturers with retailers or distributors, and ultimately the customer. The goods and objects might be carried by waterways, roads, rail or air, and the freight will be of numerous sizes and weights. Linehaul is usually the main stretch of the journey, completed by a final, last-mile delivery to a residence or business.

How linehaul works

Linehaul connects production and consumption in modern supply chains. Linehaul utilises lots of different methods of transport — the integration of multiple modes of hauling creates a smooth transition of goods from one stop to another, reducing costs, distances and timings. 

Linehaul sometimes uses a hub-and-spoke model for some legs of the delivery. The ‘hub’ is the central depot where goods from various locations are aggregated. The ‘spokes’ are the last-mile journeys to specific businesses or residences. In the fast-paced world of transport logistics, it makes sense to carry numerous smaller shipments that are less than a full load, in one truck to a final destination.

The benefits of linehaul transportation

There are huge benefits to consolidating smaller freight together in the process of linehaul transportation. It saves suppliers, distributors and producers money, time and distance. For consumers, it ensures fast delivery, and for the environment, it helps transport businesses utilise vehicles to their full capacity.

Linehaul Transportation: the future

Today we have the technology to leverage linehaul transportation to new levels of efficiency and optimization. Transport businesses have GPS tracking, mapping technologies and instant insights with real-time analytics platforms. 

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