How Long Does Cooked Broccoli Last in The Fridge?

How Long Does Cooked Broccoli Last in The Fridge

How Long Does Cooked Broccoli Last in The FridgeAre you looking for the methods of extending the lifespan of your cooked broccoli? Perhaps, you love the broccoli vegetable very much, and cooking it every day is bothersome for you.

Verily, cooking a bulk amount of broccoli at a time saves lots of your valuable time. Most importantly, when you are a working person, lasting the cooked broccoli becomes beneficial for you.

Now, how to increase the lifetime of the cooked broccoli? We’ll talk about the tips for extending the duration of the cooked broccoli. Let’s first know how long the cooked broccoli usually lasts in the fridge.

The broccoli is a dark green hardy vegetable. Even though October to April is the main season of the broccoli, it is available throughout the year. Typically, the cooked broccoli stays 3-5 days in a refrigerator. About the fresh and uncooked broccoli, it lasts more than a week.

Follow us to know broadly about the lifetime of the cooked broccoli.

The lifespan of the cooked broccoli

The lifespan of the cooked broccoli

Both the raw broccoli and cooked broccoli have different lifespan even though you store it properly. The fresh broccoli lasts a bit longer than the cooked one. Indeed, using the freezer enhances the lifespan of both of the raw broccoli and cooked broccoli.  

Usually, at room temperature, the cooked broccoli lasts for more than 2 hours. But make sure the room temperature remains between 40-degree F to 140-degree F.

Likewise, the fresh broccoli, lifespan of the cooked broccoli depends on its storing process. If you store the cooked broccoli in the fridge, the vegetable will last for approximately 3-5 days. Whereas, the raw broccoli stays well for 4-7 days in the fridge.  

To increase the lifespan of the veggie, you must keep it in the freezer. In the freezer, the cooked broccoli lasts more than three months. Likewise the cooked broccoli, the raw broccoli also remains well for 3-8 months.

Whether you keep the broccoli in the fridge or freezer, you must store it properly. Storing the food properly refers to putting your cooked broccoli in a container and sealing it tightly. If you don’t store the veggie properly, the fridge’s atmosphere will easily hamper the element of the content.

How to know the cooked broccoli has become bad

When you store the cooked broccoli for a long time, there is a possibility of it becoming rotten. You should check whether your food is well or not if you have stored it for an extended time. That’s because consuming rotten foods is harmful to health. 

Now, how to know your cooked broccoli has become bad? Let’s discuss it.

Gets molded

There falls a white mold on the top of the container if it becomes bad. When there is a white mold on the broccoli’s box, the food is inappropriate to eat.

To check whether your food has become molded or not, bring out the food container from the fridge. Open the box and notice the top of the container. Surely, you’ll find molds there if the food has become rotten.

Taking the smell

The smell of the food describes better the exact condition of the food. So, it is the first sign of identifying rotten broccoli. No need to say but, the rotten broccoli smells bad.

Sometimes you will find no molds over the container, but still, you cannot say the food is suitable to eat. For ensuring the suitability of the consumptions, check the smell of the food.

Through the food away if there exists any odor in the broccoli of the container.

Checking the color

When the cooked broccoli acutely gets rotten, it loses its original color. If you find the veggie has changed its standard color, you should throw away the food.

However, the cooked food shouldn’t be stored in the fridge for more than a week, even though it doesn’t stink or discolored. But if you store the veggie in the refrigerator, it won’t stink or discolored for a prolonged time.

How to store broccoli in the fridge (Cooked broccoli)

How to store broccoli in the fridge

Well, you mightn’t agree with our answer, but the most effective way of storing broccoli is freezing it after cooking. So, you should create some free time to cook the veggies and freeze them.

Want to know How to store broccoli in the fridge? Here we have broken out a full guideline of freezing cooked broccoli after cooking. Read on the instructions and follow them.

Step 1: Wash the broccoli properly before cooking.

Firstly, spend some of your time washing your broccoli properly. Make sure no dirt is left over the broccoli. Especially, when you collect the veggies from the field, there is a possibility of remaining dirt over it.

Step 2: Cook the broccoli

After cleaning the veggies, prepare it for cooking. It would be better if your prepared veggies go for at least 5-7 days. So, take lots of broccoli to cook that can be consumed for one week. You don’t have to cook for a somedays if you do so.

Cut the broccoli in accordance to the dish you want to prepare with the veggies. Now, cook your favorite dish with the veggies. You may like the roasted broccoli, steam broccoli, and so on. Feel free to cook any item with the veggies.

Step 3: Split the cooked veggie.

When the cooking is done, you have to make the item cool. For this, split the item you have cooked in a meal-sized portion. It will make it easier and take less time to cool. Besides, you can have any portion of the food, if you freeze it after dividing.

Step 4: Make the veggies cool.

Now it’s time to make the veggies cool down. Wait for some time until the cooked broccoli comes at room temperature. Never put the hot cooked food into the freezer or fridge. It will destroy the quality of food within some days.

Step 5: Keep the veggies in the fridge after putting into the freezer bag

Transferring the cooked broccoli into the fridge is the final step of storing it. But before storing, you have to put each portion of the veggies into the freezer bag or container. After putting the veggies in the freezer bag, close the zip correctly.

Seal the container tightly, when you keep the veggies into it. Afterward, put the bag or container into the fridge or freezer.

Remember, the veggies can easily be affected by the fridge’s external circumstance, if you don’t seal it correctly.

The process of storing the broccoli in the fridge and freezer is almost the same. The only difference is, if you put the food in the fridge, you can have it maximum for one week. Conversely, you can have the veggie for 7-8 months if you put the cooked broccoli in the freezer.

Tips for storing the cooked broccoli

Tips for storing the cooked broccoli

Most of the housewives opine that the best way of storing broccoli is refreezing it after cooking. In their opinion, storing raw broccoli is bothersome than storing cooked broccoli. That’s why you cook the fresh broccoli before storing it.

Indeed, the storing process makes a lot of difference in the lifespan of the food. So, how to store broccoli properly? Let’s brief the critical points of storing broccoli properly.

Use the plastic container or Ziplock storage bag.

Undoubtedly, using a plastic container or Ziplock storage bag keeps your cooked broccoli fresh for a prolonged time. The external bacteria of the air might not destroy the quality of food. Why?

That’s because the plastic is an impervious material to the bacteria. Consequently, it resists the bacteria of air entering into the food. Hence, the cooked veggie remains well for a long time.

Lock the zip or seal the container

Your food cannot be entirely protected if the zip of the storage bag isn’t properly locked. The same thing goes with the food container. If the container is not sealed tightly, the air’s external bacteria will make the food rotten.

Indeed, consuming rotten food is detrimental to human health.  

Pick the green and fresh broccoli for cooking. 

Try to pick the green and fresh broccoli when purchasing from the super shop. Cooking the fresh green broccoli will enhance its lifespan in the fridge or freezer. The best thing will be picking the veggie from the garden and cooking it immediately.

Cook properly

There is a little difference in storing the cooked and raw broccoli. About the fresh broccoli, you better put it in the freezer immediately after picking the veggie. But, while storing cooked broccoli, you must properly cook it before storing it.

Properly cooked veggie means the food cannot be half-boiled or too much boiled. Otherwise, the food becomes unsuitable for eating only within a few hours in the freezer.  

Bring the cooked veggie in the normal temperature. 

Never put the hot food in your refrigerator. It is not only harmful to your cooked food, but also for the refrigerator. Before shifting any cooked item in the refrigerator, bring the food into normal temperature.

Afterward, you can put the food in your freezer. It is the most crucial step that you must follow while storing cooked food.

Relevant question

How long does broccoli last?

About the fresh broccoli, it lasts a maximum for 1-2 days at the normal temperature. But the cooked broccoli doesn't last more than 2 hours at room temperature. However, the duration is not for the fridge or freezer. You don't have to care about both the cooked and raw broccoli for 3-5 days. They perfectly remain well for the 3-5 days in the fridge. Conversely, the freezer keeps them fresh for three months or more when your storing process is okay.

When should you not eat broccoli?

Of course, when the cooked broccoli gets rotten or spoiled. How to know the broccoli has become rotten? To know about it, scroll over and read the relevant part.

Can cooked broccoli be left overnight?

The cooked broccoli hardly lasts more than 2 hours at room temperature. The duration is applicable for the warmer and milder place. In the snowfall environment, it may last one night. But, on the second night, the veggie might get sour.

The bottom line

You seem to love the broccoli very much. That’s why you are here. True that broccoli is one of the nutritious and favorite veggies to lots of people. Especially if you are from a snowfall country like the USA, you must have it regularly.

But cooking it regularly for consumption might be inappropriate for you. Won’t it better to store the food for a long time to have it regularly without cooking?

Fortunately, the broccoli is like those foods that can be stored for a long time. Whereas, not all the foods can be stored for an extended period due to a lack of storing process. However, you can consume the cooked broccoli for a long time if you store it without making any mistakes. How Long Does Cooked Broccoli Last in The Fridge? Let’s go over and check the articles attentively.

In addition to that, we have added the methods of storing the broccoli. Verily, our instructions will suggest you about storing the cooked broccoli for a prolonged period. Hopefully, you will be benefited from our methods and know about how to store cooked broccoli.

The information provided in the article is based on the FDA and our expert recommendation. We worked our best to present reliable and useful information to you. Please apply the guidance and follow the information diligently.