Regular HVAC Maintenance: What to Expect

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system will last longer if you keep it in good condition. It is crucial that you maintain your AC unit regularly if you want it to work when you need it most. Periodic maintenance is essential for any appliance at home. It’s unrealistic to expect years of quality service if you fail to provide regular checkups. As a homeowner, I wanted to understand better what regular maintenance means and how it affects my budget and HVAC system. According to Swanson Services of New Mexico, here’s why regular maintenance pays off in the long run:

Cutting Costs

Regular maintenance is primarily designed to create a cost-effective routine that will lengthen the lifespan of your unit while also saving you money on costly repairs. An annual cleaning will suffice; you don’t need to buy a new unit every 2-3 years. It is important to consider insulation as another cost-effective measure. It might be out of your budget, but it will save you a lot on electricity in the long run since your AC will use less energy to reach the temperatures you want.

An improved air quality

Always put health first. There is nothing worse than breathing in air loaded with bacteria, microorganisms, and germs. It’s not so threatening while these pests lie dormant in the off-season. The moment you turn on the unit, your room is filled with dirty air. Routine maintenance prevents respiratory problems. By changing the filters and coils, you can create a hygienic environment for yourself and your family. Healthy air is essential during the pandemic when people spend the majority of the day indoors.

Years of Quality Service

It would be ideal for your HVAC system to last at least ten years if possible. Otherwise, you are wasting money. The cost of installing a new unit is high, and there is no guarantee that you will get more miles if you still disregard maintenance. Why purchase a new unit when you can make your old one last longer?

Monthly Bill

It’s all about saving money and energy by using a healthy HVAC system. Not only will the dirty unit perform poorly, but it will also consume up to 30% more energy. It is not a good deal, both in terms of the environment and your pocket. The cost of hiring a professional to examine the unit regularly is less than the cost of an electricity bill during a peak season.

Reduced Breaks

If your unit breaks down in the middle of the summer or a cold winter night, it is a big bummer, especially if you have to wait days for them to come and fix or replace the unit. Even if you do everything listed above, you cannot eliminate breaks entirely, but reducing the probability is worthwhile. Only a trained technician can recognize potential breaks. Even if the unit sits idle during the off-season, it doesn’t mean it’s not prone to breaks. For this reason, hiring a professional to take a closer look before the active season helps you detect potential breaks and gives you enough time to react.

The Inspection

An annual inspection is different for every unit, but a technician will typically check a few things to ensure optimal performance. The inspection includes the state of fans and how well they rotate under various setups. It also includes cleaning the drain lines, filters, and coils. The technician will look for leaks in the heat exchanger and check the refrigerant levels.