PipeSnug Dragons’ Den Net Worth, Past, Present, Future, And Beyond

PipeSnug Dragons' Den Net Worth

PipeSnug was featured in Dragons’ Den, a popular British television program by BBC One on 31 March 2022. 

The 13th episode of this program of series 19 featured the founders of PipeSnug- Chris Burdett and Alex Lever. According to the founders, it is the quickest one-stop solution to seal around pipework in the easiest possible way. 

They pitched the Dragons about how their products could bring a revolutionary change for builders in the construction industry by sealing the holes in seconds where a pipe exits a wall. Without mortar or silicon, it will tightly seal any gaps while keeping the surroundings neat and clean, saving time and money.

The core idea of PipeSnug succeeded to draw the attention of the Dragons as the founders convinced them that it’s the most efficient all-in-one solution to meet Part L’s requirement providing an airtight seal around the hole where the pipe enters or exits.

What Is PipeSnug?

A PipeSnug is a patented product that successfully seals around a pipe where it enters or exits a wall. 

It is, basically, a time-saving replacement of expensive sealant, mortar, silicone, and air-sealing tape to seal holes around pipes without making any mess. 

Making good around the pipework is surely a challenging job. At the same time, it’s too time-consuming. Mixing mortar, siliconing around the pipe, blending into the fabric, too many steps to follow. 

Yet it’s hard to get a clean finish by the end. 

Instead of making the process hectic, a simple yet cozy fitting will be much more efficient. This was the key concept of forming PipeSnug by Chris Burdett, the core founder of it.

By sealing the gaps around the pipes tightly, PipeSnug offers a smart finish against the wall where the pipes exit or enter. It is, indeed, a one-stop solution to meet the Part L of the Building Regulations need.

By eliminating the need to mix the mortar or squeeze the sealant, it has been able to save plumbers’ time, money, and energy. 

You can use PipeSnug for several construction projects including new builds, extensions, kitchen/bathroom fittings, etc. 

At present, it’s available in three versions to meet your construction needs- 32 mm, 40 mm, and 110 mm.

What Is Dragons’ Den?

What Is Dragons' Den

Based on the Japanese series “The Tigers of Money”, Dragons’ Den is a famous British business program broadcast by BBC One.

In this reality show, five multimillionaires play the role of Dragons to whom several entrepreneurs present their business ideas. 

The budding entrepreneurs have to pitch their business deals to those five extremely wealthy investors within 3 minutes.

If they like the idea, they are ready to finance the business in exchange for a certain amount of share of the company.

How Did PipeSnug Start?

PipeSnug started its journey based on the idea of Chris Burdett, a builder and a bricklayer with 30 years of experience. 

One day he was preparing to point a mortar around a waste pipe. That’s when he realized that a simple fitting could reduce all the hassles of mixing mortars and siliconing around the hole where any pipe penetrates.

He then discussed his idea of launching a product with Alex Lever whom he knew through his child’s school. Both of their kids went to the same school.

Being a successful businessman who has founded several companies, Alex immediately cracked the potential of PipeSnug and became a business partner with Chris.

Founders of PipeSnug

So, PipeSnug has two founders to name. One is Chris Burdett who thought about this exclusive product for the very first time. Another one is Alex Lever who joined hands with Chris to kickstart the journey of designing PipeSnug. 

Chris BurdettBuilder and Bricklayer
Alex LeverBusinessman

Launching PipeSnug

After setting up the business, both the partners worked hard to form the design, test prototypes, and find suppliers. It took almost 1-1.5 years to bring a perfect design to the market.

However, the hardest part was to get the product patented. But eventually, they were successful. 

Finally, the product was launched in May 2017 at the Installer show and the initial response from the trade was astonishing. 

PipeSnug was available in 32 mm and 40 mm versions in 2017. But currently, the 110 version is also present to solve every builder’s pipe sealing problems.

However, the 110 mm version was launched in 2018 due to the developing demand by builders, plumbers, and heating engineers. 

Based on the feedback from the building trades, PipeSnug came up with a new solution to fit 100 mm boiler flues called FlueWorth in May 2020.

First Appearance on Dragons’ Den

Both the founders of PipeSnug, Chris and Alex entered Dragons’ Den on 31 May 2022 with a view to winning a financial investment from the Dragons.

They were quite confident about their product, thanks to the air-tight, pest-resistant, and Part L-compliant seal it offers. 

Upon presenting their pitch to the Dragons, they ensured that this was the first ever product on the market which could be a game changer in the building trade.

In the Den, the founders faced famous faces like Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Steven Bartlett, Sara Davies, and Touker Suleyman. They tried their best to convince them that PipeSnug would be a great investment due to the change in the Part L of the Building Regulations in December, 2021.

Because of the change, you need to use pipe seals and grommets around pipework and thus PipeSnug became the only all-in-one solution to meet this demand without making a mess. 

Two of the Dragons, Deborah and Peter were convinced with their pitch and bargained to take 30% of the company in exchange for their £100000 of investment.

Basic Information at a Glance

FoundersChris Burdett, Alex Lever
Launching Year2017
First Appearance on Dragons Den31 May 2022
Available Version32 mm, 40 mm, 110 mm

Net Worth

According to the claim of the two founders, PipeSnug’s net worth is £1.3 M which got a prompt response from Dragon Peter Jones- “This is PipeSnug, not pipe mug.”

Net Worth£1.3 M

Future Plans

Both the founders assured that they had been working on the product to solve all the problems of plumbing and construction. In near future, it will be available in several versions so that every application in the building has a PipeSnug in particular, be it commercial, residential, or industrial. 

Contact Information 

You can contact PipeSnug at the following addresses: