James Galante Net Worth, Age, Career, & Biography

James Galante Net Worth
James Galante Net Worth

James Galante is a well-known businessman and CEO of an Automated Waste Disposal company in America. He is also an American convicted felon and came into the limelight due to 6 years of a conviction in prison. Hence, Netflix made a story about him known as “Untold: Crime and Penalties”. 

He was born on January 5, 1953, in New York City, United States, and his Zodiac sign is Capricorn. Initially, he started working in a sanitizer company. To increase his income, he opened his own Countywide Carting company. Besides, he opened an Automated Waste Disposal company and gained a lot of profit from this industry. 

At an early age, he purchased the Hockey league for $500.000 and invested $1.5 million to upgrade the team. Now, he is focusing on his business to become the wealthiest person in the USA.  

Basic Info 

Despite being a well-known Philanthropist, Galante eventually quit social activities due to various controversies. In contrast, he was gradually moving in the wrong direction and going through many ups and downs. He became the owner of 25 disposal business companies, one after another. Galante handled the business with prudence and earned about $100 million. 

James Galante was married to Roseanne, and they have two children. His son AJ Galante is the love of his life, he said in a program on Netflix. Galante bought a Hockey team, Danbury Trashers, for his son. At 17, AJ Galante became the hockey team’s general manager. 

However, the Hockey team is renowned for its violent streak. In 2006, Galante was accused of defrauding the United Hockey League. Because he violated the UHL’s $275,000 per team Salary cap by giving illegal payments to the players.

Galante and his son both handled the Hockey team. They encouraged their players to create disturbance during games. Even once, they fought with a referee on the basis of a wrong decision. Again, a complaint against Galante was paying players extra money under the table to fix the match.

Moreover, it was alleged that their team member threw hot water in the opponent’s room. The Danbury Trashers have a colorful existence but it was short and only lasted from 2004 to 2006. 

Netflix made an excellent sports episode on the Danbury Trashers, “Untold: Crime and Penalties”. The primary purpose of the documentary is to bring the entire controversy to the audience. 

Galante was engaged in an illegal payment system and his confessional statements were publicly published. So, all in all, James Galante came to the limelight for various arguments. Further, he became known as a convicted felon for his mysterious activities. 

Personal profile 

Let’s have a look at James Galante’s personal profile. 

Real Name/Full NameJames Galante
Date of Birth5 January 1953
Age69 Years
Birth PlaceNew York City, United States
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight78 kg (Approx)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$100 million


James Galante was born in an American family and grew up in South Salem, New York City. He completed high school at John Jay High school in the USA.  Apart from these, he has yet to share details about his childhood, parents, and educational background online or on social media.

Institute Degree
John Jay High School, USAO Level


In 1971, James Galante joined the United States Air Force and then served in Thailand. He didn’t like the hard and fast rule of the Air Force. So, in 1975, Galante discharged himself honorably from the job. Then, he started to lead a simple life.

 After leaving the Air Force, James Galante started a new job as a salesman in the “Cross Country Sanitation” company in New York. In the meantime, he founded his own company known as Countywide Carting. James started his second company, Automated Waste Disposal, at age of 26. 

Gradually, he expanded his business and earned a vast amount of money. Then, Galante purchased the Danbury Trashers Hockey team and racing cars. Moreover, he donated a vast amount to set up a school football stadium and emergency department at Danbury hospital. Furthermore, he is a social reformer and well-known Philanthropist in the US. 

In 1999, James Galante was blamed for a fake tax return case. He was prisoned for a year due to this case. Consequently, his successful business started to sink into oblivion. Galante lost control over his company as well as lost his racing car. 

In 2005, the FBI raided his business and started an investigation.  The investigators filed more than 70 cases against him with solid evidence. They also found Connecticut with the Mafia beside his waste removal business. As a result, he was sent to jail the next year. 

James Galante was released from prison in 2014. When Galante was released, the government seized most of his properties, and he lost about $100 million. 


James Galante was married to Roseanne after having a few years of relationship. The trash kingpin and Roseanne have two children. His son AJ Galante came into the limelight once he became the hockey team’s general manager at age of 17. During a court trial, Roseanne Galante asked a judge to unfreeze accounts seized by prosecutors. 

Contact Info 

James Galante shares his pictures and videos on Instagram. He is not regular on social media like Twitter and Facebook. But sometimes, he shares his activities on social media, especially Instagram. The table below presents the link to his social media platforms. 


Net worth 

Automated Waste Disposal company is the primary income source of James Galante. As the company was fast approaching and collecting waste disposal over 80% in Connecticut and several areas in New York, it helped him to earn millions. In short, his net worth was about $100 million.   

But, the government seized his properties after he was convicted. As a result, Galante’s net worth decreased gradually. According to the Plea agreement, the government agreed to pay about $10.7 million to James Galante. But, his present net worth is approximately $3 million. 

Net Worth$3 million
Income SourceBusiness