Lambo Brothers Ltd Net Worth | Everything You Need To Know

Lambo Brothers Ltd Net Worth

Incorporated on 30 September 2016, Lambo Brother Ltd. is a private limited company owned by Aarron Lambo. His brother, Harrie Lambo, and his sister, Natalie Patricia Lambert, currently help him in running his company.

This family business is centered around fitness, training, supplements, clothes, coffee, and vodka sales. That’s an interesting assortment of products, for sure. But it gets even more interesting. The company also rents out a 35 ft. luxury sports cruiser. 

As you can see, the offerings of this company are all over the place, and so is its branding. Keep on reading, and you will learn all about Lambo Brothers Ltd’s net worth and history.

Lambo Brothers Ltd Net Worth 2022 And Other Company Details:

Company NameLambo Brothers Ltd
Incorporated OnFriday, 30 September 2016
Company Number10403384
AddressVenture Court 2 Debdale Road, Wellingborough, England, Northamptonshire, NN8 5AA
DirectorAarron Shane George Vernon LambertNatalie Patricia LambertCalvin Ian George Lambert
Net Worth$1 million-$5 million

Aarron Shane Lambert Short Biography:

Real nameAarron Shane George Vernon Lambert
NicknameAarron Lambo
Place of birthEast Midlands of England
Date of birthAugust 1985
ProfessionBodybuilder, YouTuber, influencer, entrepreneur. 
Height5 ft 5 inches
Hair colorHe is bald
Eye colorBrown
Social MediaInstagram

Aarron Shane Lambo Early Career 

Even though Aarron was enthusiastic about the bodybuilding industry from a very early age, he started lifting weights seriously only after turning 15. Strength training made him even more interested in competing in bodybuilding. 

He got inspiration from sports magazines like FLEX on his journey to maximize his body’s potential. He looked at the bodies of global stars and realized what the human body was capable of when really pushed. Among his favorite athletes at the time were Lee Priest, Paul Dillet, and Dorian Yates. 

At the age of 17, he had already decided he wanted to own a gym. In 2008, Aarron met his close friend James Collier who offered him a position in his company. Working with James gave Aarron experience in an industry he craved to enter himself. 

In 2012, Aarron took the big step of launching his own gym, Alpha Training Gym. There was really no looking back from there. One project led to another and today Aarron is a well-known entrepreneur in the fitness industry. 

Beginning of Lambo Brothers Ltd

In 2014, Aarron collaborated with his brother Harrie to launch a promotional event called ‘Muscle Promotions.’ It went on for two weeks in, which they toured around the country. Their tour was very successful and resulted in collaborations that lasted for a long time. 

In 2015, Aarron got more famous than ever owing to a video he posted in which he revealed corruption and lies told by sports federations. This got people’s attention. 

Followers started pouring in on social media. He leveraged this by posting personal vlogs and training videos. The next year, in 2016, Lambo Brothers Ltd. was incorporated. 

He started by selling sports supplements. The first product they launched was A5 Thermogenic. They expanded and produced more supplements like- Bipolar, which is a pre-workout supplement, Alpha Trilogy, which is a whey protein, as well as Kaal-el, their intra-workout supplement. 

Continued Growth And Re-branding Of Lambo Brothers Ltd

Currently, Lambo Brothers Ltd. has grown to have 3 different outlets selling their supplements, a range of gym equipment they own, as well as a fitness center.  

However, the company is no longer known as Alpha Training but rather as “Mental Monkey” and “Mental Hampster.” Their Facebook page refers to them as Hampster, while their website says Monkey. It is a bit confusing, but mainly the company is now branded as Mental Monkey. 

Other Business Ventures of Aarron Lambo Outside The Fitness Industry

Mental Monkey or Lambo Brothers Ltd has branched out and launched its own bar called the Sexy Monkey Bar. Aarron also owns Mental Security, which is a company that provides bars, events, restaurants, and late-night venues security services by providing them with guards and officers. The company also offers personal security services, CCTV monitoring, Alarm response, and RST security services. 

All these businesses required an extra hand on deck, so Natalie, Aarron’s sister also joined his company in 2018. Together the siblings have been managing the day-to-day activities of the business and remain in charge.

Although the bar clears up why their online shop sells vodka, they have another curious product line that’s listed as K-9. They sell dog leashes and treats as of now. 

So, basically, the company is all about the man himself. He ventures into industries he loves rather than the ones that are more related. Looking at Mental Monkey’s trajectory, it is safe to say that the business will only continue to expand in the coming years.

Aarron Lambo YouTube Channel

Aarron Lambo posted his first video on YouTube on 7 November 2016. Since then, he has been posting on YouTube steadily if not very often. He has a total of 127,000 subscribers. His videos have received a total of 19.2 million views. 

He also now creates YouTube Shorts content. However, according to stats we pulled from Social Blade, the channel is actually losing subscribers. YouTube is obviously not a significant source of income for Aarron Lambo, so it likely doesn’t impact his business.

Final Words

Lambo Brothers Ltd’s net worth is somewhere between $ 1 million-5 million. It is hard to say the exact value as information relating to the company’s performance is not public knowledge. By taking a look at their assets and their operations, it is a close estimate we came up with. 

However much the net worth is, Aarron Lambert is inspiring for any inspiring businessman as well as a fitness enthusiast. He has turned his passion into a way of life. 

Looking at his success, we can aspire to achieve similar results in our field of passion.