What is Mobile Drug Testing?

What is Mobile Drug Testing?

Mobile Drug Testing or Roadside Drug Testing is a drug screen conducted for drivers and roadsters. This is similar to the random breath test where the authority would use mouth swab sticks to collect samples to identify drug usage. Unlike normal drug testing, they do not look for the amount of drug traces. Instead, the presence of drugs – MAMP, COC, AMP, and Ecstasy is itself a crime.

Drug driving cases are increasing in the United States. According to some trusted sources, nearly 10,142 people died in 2019 due to drug consumption while driving. The U.S Government made it a severe offense and made strict regulations to restrict drug driving. Mobile Drug Testing is one of the measures that can reduce the impacts of drugged driving.

Table of Contents

  • Why is Mobile Drug Testing Important?
  • What Kind of Drug Test does MDT Conduct?
  • What Happens in an MDT?
  • How to Pass an MDT?
  • Rights Regarding MDT for Individuals
  • Prevention Measures against Drugged Driving
  • Wrapping up

Why is Mobile Drug Testing Important?

According to a trusted source, nearly 43.6% of the fatally injured drivers in 2016 tested positive for significant illegal and scheduled drugs like MMJ, COC, AMP, and Ecstasy. Mobile Drug Testing is a measure to reduce the impact of drugged driving and ensure a safe road ahead.

Mobile Drug Testing is important because

  1. Reduction of accidents – Once you are conformed of illegal drug intake, the cops would take you for a confirmatory test and if proved you will have to face prison.
  2. Reduced healthcare insurance costs – Mobile drug testing reduces accidents and people will less likely to claim accidental insurance if they are alert, active, and abide by the road rules.
  3. Cost-effective – Mobile drug tests are cost-effective as the tester could possibly use instant mouth swab drug test kits that produce results within minutes. They do not probably carry the sample to the laboratory to test it.
  4. Preventing missed or delayed tests – Letting the individual out of the location of instant testing would lead to missed or delayed tests that could possibly lead to improper or false results.
  5. Flexibility – Mobile Drug Testing provides flexibility to employers and employees by taking an instant drug test and provides immediate results so that they can return to work. Many companies and organizations offer 24/7 mobile testing that makes drug testing convenient despite the night and weekend shifts.

What Kind of Drug Test does MDT Conduct?

MDT labs conduct drug or alcohol tests by collecting the samples of hair, or saliva, or urine and provide instant results. The MDT may probably run mouth swab drug tests for the preliminary test to provide accurate results within minutes. If confirmed, the mobile testing facility may conduct a hair drug test to determine the accurate drug levels in the body.

Common drug testing types include

  • Random testing
  • Post-accident testing
  • Pre-employment drug test
  • Return-to-duty testing
  • Reasonable cause testing.

What Happens in an MDT?

  1. If you are asked to take an MDT, you may have to take a mouth swab drug test.
  2. This test will identify drugs – MDMA, COC, THC, and MAMP in your saliva.
  3. If you test positive for the above drugs, then you will be sent to the roadside van that tests for confirmation.
  4. If you test positive in your second test, you could be banned from driving for 24 hours, and your car will be parked on the side of the road. The tester will send the results to the lab for further analysis. The tester might report you to the police station about drug consumption.
  5. If you pass your MDT, you are allowed to drive your vehicle without any ban. But, the tester will, however, send your reports to the laboratory for further testing. He will not report you to the police station in this case until confirmation from the lab.
  6. The laboratory results will determine your consumption levels. If it is positive, the police will reach you and suspend your license for driving under the influence of an illegal drug. You might have to pay a fine.
  7. MDT is a random test. So, the police have the power to test the drivers and take necessary action. Sometimes, they might also recommend an MDT if they find anything suspicious of the driver.
  8. Driving under the influence is a heinous crime, and your insurance and registration will become null and void if proven. You might even face jail time for consuming illegal drugs.

How to Pass a Mobile Drug Testing?

There are no tampering methods to pass your MDT as the test is entirely random. The only way to clear your MDT is to stay away from the drugs. The tester will conduct a mouth swab drug test which can be hardly tampered with.

But there are certain things that you could follow if you are drug abused. Take enormous amounts of water. That could help you drain your drug metabolites faster than it would normally take. If your drug consumption is frequent, this might not help as the drug traces might stay in your body for a longer time.

The actual drug detection time for a mouth swab drug test is

  1. Cannabis – 12 – 24 hours
  2. MDMA – 24 – 48 hours
  3. MAMP – 24 – 48 hours
  4. COC – 12 – 24 hours

This might vary based on age, amount of consumption, consumption frequency, etc.

Rights Regarding MDT for Individuals

If you are accused of your drug intake and proved positive, you may have to submit your name, address, contact number, and license to the police. You need not tell any other information because that might be used against you in a court of law. So, it is better to keep things limited and to the point.

The police would register your information in the factsheet, and they would submit the sheet to the Judge, where he could make decisions concerning the information present in the factsheet.

If you are a passenger in the vehicle, you may not get subjected to MDT unless you are either a supervisor to the learner driver or if the police believe under suspicion that you might have switched seats to escape the law. If you refuse to give your sample to the MDT or the police for the drug test, it might be deemed positive and required action is taken as per the court of law.

Prevention Measures against Drugged Driving

You can take specific measures if you think that you are dependent on some illegal drugs. Apart from visiting the medical professional and seeking help through rehabilitation, you need to take the necessary steps to prevent driving while you have drug metabolites in your body.

  1. Get a designated driver for your transportation – Getting a designated driver for your travel will be the best alternative measure you can take while under drug abuse or drug dependence. Make sure that he has his driving license certificate handy.
  2. Using public transport – This could work only if you are recovering from drug abuse and waiting to wear off the drug traces from your body. If you are still under abuse, then it is recommended to take the first measure.
  3. Conducting forums and help centers – You can take the initiative and talk with your friends about abusive drugs and their fatal effects. You can even run seminars and support centers to help you get off from your drug abuse.

Wrapping up

Mobile Drug Test is the best solution to prevent accidents due to drug abuse. It is better if you keep away from drugs while driving for the safety and well-being of your life and others’.