Safely Unlock PDF Files With GogoPDF

Safely Unlock PDF Files With GogoPDF

Although the reasons for locking a PDF file are as different as the reasons for creating it, there are two key reasons to lock a PDF: to control who can access the document and who can alter it. What you want to lock and why you need to lock a PDF will determine how you lock it. You can lock a PDF to prevent it from being printed or copied, limit who can open it, and even limit who can email it to.

Unlocking a PDF File that is password-protected will let the user edit the content of the file since a PDF file with a password is a hassle to access sometimes. You must enter it each time you want to view the document. GogoPDF’s PDF unlock tool provides free online access to it, and you can remove the password to save yourself some trouble.


Safely use the PDF unlock tool of GogoPDF and turn it into editable and readable versions. It also converts various document files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and images) to PDF format and vice versa. GogoPDF is a website that offers high-quality PDF-related applications. It is a company that creates applications for the needs and desires of customers by making them available over the internet.

GogoPDF provides a wide range of great features to users. It also can create, edit, and scan PDF files. It involves over 20 art tools that were especially intended to boost every user’s productivity when using and managing documents. This can compress, edit, merge, split, and repair PDF files, and many more.

Unlocking a PDF File

With our tool, you can remove the encryption from your PDF file. Because you frequently forget the passwords to your PDF files, unlocking them would also be a good option. Put an end to the hassle of typing usernames and passwords. With GogoPDF’s unlocking tool, you can quickly remove the password security from your PDF file.

GogoPDF’s unlocking tool removes security permissions from owner-locked files. If a file is owner-locked, a password is usually required to copy, print, or modify the contents of a PDF.

Procedures in Unlocking a PDF File

Before you use the site, make sure first that you have a decent internet connection. To unlock a PDF file, do the following instructions.

First, visit the GogoPDF’s website and choose “Unlock PDF” on their main page. Next, choose a PDF file from your computer or drag and drop it into the PDF Password Remover area. Then, GogoPDF will begin removing the password and decrypting your document in general. Wait until the process is complete.

Once the decryption sweep is finished, you can save your unlocked PDF file to your computer or share it on any social media platform.

GogoPDF’s Other Safe to Use Features

Convert Different Types of Documents with GogoPDF

Converting document files with GogoPDF is a great option for everybody since it is free, speedy, and simple. It is easy to use. It only takes a couple of minutes and access to the internet.

GogoPDF also provides several options for converting different types of documents to PDF, including word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, image files, and others. GogoPDF is an extremely functional tool that gives you a competitive advantage for filing conversion.

Besides that, the converted files are of the highest quality and contain the same content as the original PDF if you use GogoPDF Converter. The text, images, graphs, spreadsheets, and other formatting from the original PDF file are all preserved.

PDF Reader

The PDF Reader from GogoPDF allows you to read, flip, and view PDF files instantly in your browser. Simply select the PDF from your computer or drag and drop it into the toolbox. Once there, use the respective tabs to modify your file, such as rotating, zooming, or renumbering it. You can also print or share your PDF by clicking the share button.

Sharing PDF Files

GogoPDF offers two methods for sending and sharing your unlocked PDF file. You can either email the document or simply copy a GogoPDF sharing URL and send it to the intended receiver.

Merge PDF Files

Users can merge many PDFs into one PDF file using GogoPDF’s Merge tool. Users can also change the position of the merged PDF files. Users can also add new PDF files to an existing file series before merging them. The structure and content of the original document are preserved by GogoPDF.

Split PDF Files

GogoPDF is the ideal application for splitting a large PDF file into single-page PDF documents or extracting subpages to create a new PDF document. Quickly and easily split, edit, and divide PDF files.


GogoPDF’s amazing feature includes a simple PDF password remover that allows you to convert locked PDF files into versions that can be read and edited. All you have to do is upload your file and your password will be removed from your PDF! If you want your copy of the unlocked file, simply click download, save the PDF to your device, and you’re ready to go.