Free and Quick Conversion from PDF to PDF/A Online Using PDFBear Tool


As technology is continuously advancing, everything is easily reachable and accessible in just a few clicks. But there are still some people who don’t know how to take advantage and access them easily. For instance, if they handle many PDF files that need to be converted in a short time and don’t know what tool to use.

There are hundreds, even thousands of converter tools accessible both online and offline software nowadays. Some of them are even accessible for free. Like this one particular website, it can do the conversion tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, no other than the PDFBear tool. This can help you do all of your tasks, even converting PDF to PDF/A file when storing the important document for a long time. So to know more about how handy and convenient this tool is, let us share in this article its essential features.

Step-by-step: How to convert PDF Files to PDF/A

To quickly do the conversion, all you need to do is follow these four easy steps on how to convert PDF to PDFA instantly. The PDFBear will provide all the help to convert your documents with so much ease and convenience. Plus, it is accessible for free and 24/7. Which only means that you can convert any file anytime and anywhere you are as long you have an internet connection and a device to use.

Before going to the first step, make sure that your file is ready. Once you find the document, you have to upload or drag and drop it to the PDF/A space provided by PDFBear. No more other complicated processes; it’s easy as 123. The PDFBear will perform the next step. They will automatically read and convert your uploaded file. All you need to do is just relax and wait for about one minute for the tool to finish the conversion process. Once it is done, your file is now ready for download to your device.

All Features PDFBear Has to Offer

Let us first discuss PDF/A before diving into all of the great features that PDFBear has to offer. A PDF/A file format is recognized as an ISO-standardized version of a PDF file. It ensures that the converted copy is produced the same way as the original file for a long time. Plus, it doesn’t matter what software you are using; it still keeps your files’ quality.

1.   Easy and Fast conversion

Speaking of features, PDFBear has it all whether to edit or convert any PDF file as quickly as possible. It will only take a maximum of two minutes for this software to convert to a new file format. Just take note that if you have a slow internet connection, the quick conversion feature of this software will be put to waste.

2.   Excellent User Privacy

Among all the hundreds and thousands of online converter tools, this software has been recognized as one of the most secure websites to use since it comes with 256-bit Encryption technology that ensures to protect and secure all uploaded files. No need to worry if your documents will be breached or used by any unwanted person.

3.   Cloud System

One great feature that the cloud system offers is that it instantly saves all your converted files to the cloud. This only implies that no need to worry about running out of space to your computer or any device. You can use the website to store your documents.

4.   Compatibility With Any OS or Device

There’s no need to worry about what tools or devices you have at the moment to use, as PDFbear is flexible to any platform or device. Another great feature that this software offers is that it can be accessible to any operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Plus, it is also available to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and many more.

5.   Accessible 24/7

You can use this converter tool anytime, anywhere as long you’re connected to a strong and reliable internet. Upload, download, share or save your documents are all possibly done using this software. Even if you’re on a hectic schedule and need to edit some files, using all the website features quickly is easy and quick.


Yes, there are countless online converter tools accessible today that offer the same feature as PDFBear. But if you are looking for the best and most secure website to perform all of your PDF file tasks, PDFBear is always the best option. This website will never compromise the quality and content of your files. All you need to do is directly visit to use the features you need. What are you waiting for? Enjoy quick and easy conversions, and visit the PDFBear website now!