3 Popular House Framing Options—Ranked!

The construction industry is about to kick into overdrive. First and foremost, COVID-19 restrictions are finally beginning to lift all over the country. This means that not only will it be safer to work on bigger projects, it will also be far easier, more convenient, and safer.

Many homes were already in need of an update before the pandemic. Over 80% of American homes are over forty years old, at this point.

Whether you’re building a new house or updating your current home, here are some of the most popular types of house framing to make your construction project as smooth and easy as possible.

1. Wooden Framing

Wooden frames are by far the most well-known and popular types of frame for houses. If you’ve ever driven through a subdivision under construction and seen bare 2x4s sticking out of the ground, you’ve seen a wooden house frame.

Wooden framing has been around for a long, long time. This means it’s well-established and nearly every carpenter is familiar with its guidelines. Although, of course, some like Sherhill Construction can be especially brilliant at it.

Wooden framing’s popularity also means that you can get materials for it nearly anywhere, as well.

2. Steel Framing

Metal building materials have come a long way in recent years. They’ve got a ton of great things going for them. Steel has become one of the most popular types of house framing materials for its mixture of flexibility and durability.

Steel is particularly resistant to many different types of decay. You’ll never have to worry about termite damage when you build your frame out of steel, for instance. It also will never warp no matter how hot or humid an environment may be.

Steel is highly adept at conducting heat, however. Have you ever noticed how fire hydrants are painted reflective colors in desert climates? That’s because to do otherwise would cause third-degree burns.

So if you’re framing a house in an area where it gets hot, do keep that in mind, as that heat will be conducted into the living space.

3. Insulated Panels

If you are going to be living in more extreme climates, you might consider framing your house with insulated panels. Insulated panels feature a foam core. Building materials are then attached to the outside, which could be plywood or drywall, or a number of other building materials.

Insulated panels are excellent for maintaining a consistent temperature. This makes it great for keeping a home cool or warm.

Insulated panels can be a bit on the pricey side, however. They’ll also save you quite a bit of money on utilities over time. If you have the resources for it, framing your house with insulated panels can be an excellent investment.

Taking the time to frame your house properly makes the rest of the construction process a snap! You’ll be wiring things up and hanging drywall before you know it when you take the time and frame things right!

Now You Know the Different Types of House Framing

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