Warming Up Your Kitchen With Wood

Warming Up Your Kitchen With Wood

Is your kitchen comfortable, radiating warmth and comfort as the heart of the home? If that is not precisely its vibe, it could be due to the trend of black and white kitchens. 

While clean lines and minimalist shapes are a look to love, they can make the space feel flat and stark. You don’t want your kitchen to feel cold and uninviting, so consider using wood elements. 

Wood is Warmth

Wood lends a natural feeling of warmth to any room. It has a cozy neutral tone, making the space look more cohesive and visually appealing. 

Wood brings warm touches to your kitchen without losing its cool vibes. It also has moisture buffering properties that can moderate indoor humidity fluctuations. This means it can keep your place warm during the cold seasons. 

What wood elements should you bring into your kitchen? Consider the following suggestions to give the most essential room in the house a facelift. 

Add a wooden kitchen island

Adding an island will make your kitchen more functional and inviting. It would be ideal to have one in a wood shade or finish instead of using bright colours. Some people feel that an all-wood kitchen is too heavy, so that you can split the difference with a wooden kitchen island as a centrepiece. 

You can also go beyond typical rectangular designs with circular and curved kitchen islands. The visual impact goes well with the wood’s beauty and warmth and gives the room a more interesting vibe. 

Choose a solid wood dining table

The possibilities are endless when choosing a dining table. But solid wood is one of the most preferred materials due to its classic look and durability. A solid wood dining table will boost the character of your kitchen space. 

Neutral tones can provide instant warmth and calm to your interior. You can choose a round or rectangular table depending on your kitchen area. 

Mix and match kitchen wood cabinets

Matching wood cabinets may be your first thought when filling your kitchen space. But they don’t always have to be in the same wood type, style, or colour. Combining contrasting elements is an excellent idea if you want a healthy mix of coolness and warmth. 

You can mix a lighter wood stain with a darker one. Natural wood finishes provide excellent colour and texture variation combined with dark, sleek options. 

If you have high-gloss acrylic cabinets, you can pair them with wood-based ones. You can also use open natural wood shelves to create the illusion of space in your kitchen. 

Install wooden frames for doors and windows

Another way to work more wood into your kitchen is to install wooden frames for the doors and windows. Wooden frames will give your space a perfect finish as they go with most architectural designs and requirements. 

Instead of painting your door and window trim, frame these fixtures with natural wood. It will transform your kitchen space in unexpected ways. 

Make Your Kitchen Space Warm and Welcoming

If you want to give your kitchen a warm and welcoming vibe, wood is your friend. A wood-filled kitchen may feel too traditional. But it is a versatile material and pairs well with any design and colour scheme. With a bit of creativity, you can easily incorporate wood into your modern kitchen and create a more relaxed mood.