Yard Maintenance: 5 Ways To Keep Your Yard in Great Shape

Did you know that a good landscaping maintenance program can boost your home’s curb appeal? It can offer over a 200% return on your investment. Taking care of your yard can make your home more valuable, and provide you with a lot of outdoor enjoyment, too.

If you’ve been wondering how to look after your yard, now is the perfect time to learn. A little landscaping love can go a long way in creating a beautiful backyard environment. Check out these top 5 practical tips for proper yard maintenance.

1. Make Time for Weeding

The first step in maintaining your yard is to banish those weeds, stat. It may sound obvious, but weeds beget more weeds as the seeds from your existing ones breed more. So you’ll save time in the long run by getting rid of the weeds you have on a regular basis, and reduce the number of new ones.

2. Water Your Lawn

While most people know that one of the key points in yard care is watering your lawn, many are unsure of how much water is enough. Depending on the season, most lawns need1 to 1.5 inches a week to keep them healthy. You can always set up a sprinkler system on a timer to help.

3. Mow Your Lawn

The next step is to mow your lawn, of course! While it may be tempting to do a major trim if your grass is very lawn, you should never mow it down to a short stubble. Instead, make time for regular trims to keep your grass happy and healthy.

4.  Pruning Is Important for Yard Maintenance

Got out of control bushes? If you are seeing wild growth and/or brown patches, that may mean that your shrubs need a haircut. Invest in a good pair of pruning shears or hedge clippers, and get to work on those hedges. Depending on the type, you may also require a weed whacker and a rake to corral the fallen limbs.

5. Leaf Removal

One of the quickest ways to declutter a yard is to get rid of excess leaves and other plant debris. Whether you rake your leaves, use a leaf blower, or other methods of leaf disposal, it’s a surefire way to spiff up your yard landscaping. If you don’t have the time or the energy to do so, you can look into yard maintenance services like Copper Creek Landscape who are leaf removal experts.

Ready to Take Care of Your Yard?

Now that you’ve learned these top yard maintenance tips, you can take care of your property with confidence. Don’t be overwhelmed by the scope of yard care–instead, create a schedule so that you know what to do when, and get into a regular routine. By weeding, pruning, watering, mowing your lawn, and doing leaf removal you can create a thriving oasis of a backyard that you enjoy spending time in.

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