The Ultimate Guide to Waterproof LED Strips

The Ultimate Guide to Waterproof LED Strips

Not everyone is a fan of bright lights. Sometimes, the mood also demands dim lights with calming surroundings. Well, aesthetics, ambiance, and lighting are the dynamic trio that can transform any space into a haven of relaxation. And guess what? LED strips are the secret weapon that ties this trio together! 

Also known as the fairy lights of the modern era, these strips are well known for their higher durability and performance. To add the cherry on top, the waterproof nature of these lights makes them the most popular choice – not just for indoor settings but outdoor ones, too. 

So, if you are a big fan of aesthetic lights, you’ll be looking for the best waterproof LED strips to decorate your home. This blog is all about those answers, so let’s get reading! 

Types of Waterproof LED Strips

Voltages, materials, and efficiency are the commonly known gauges for LED strips; however, their ability to adapt to different environments, known as waterproof ratings, represent the other facets of the LED strips. Here listed the groups:

  • Non-Waterproof LED Strip Lights (IP20 Rated): Best for indoor use, these have fast heat dissipation and high brightness but are not suitable for wet environments.
  • Nano Waterproof LED Strip Lights (IP65 Rated): These feature nano-coating for improved waterproofing, heat dissipation, and UV resistance, and they’re lightweight with minimal color temperature drift.
  • Silicone/PU/Epoxy Resin Coating Waterproof LED Strip Lights (IP65 Rated): These have a protective resin, silicone, or epoxy layer, providing water and moisture resistance.
  • Silicone Tube Waterproof LED Strip Lights (IP65 Rated): These use a silicone tube for protection and are suitable for outdoor use with properly sealed end caps.
  • IP67 Waterproof LED Strip Lights: These combine a silicone tube sleeve and silicone glue filling, commonly used for outdoor lighting.
  • IP68 Waterproof LED Strip Lights: Offering the highest waterproof rating, these are suitable for underwater use, like in pools or waterscapes, thanks to their all-in-one silicone solid extrusion design.

What Are Waterproof LED Strip Lights Made of? 

Waterproof LED strip lights are designed to withstand high voltage pressure and ensure durability in various environmental conditions. These lights are crafted with specific materials to protect the delicate components from moisture and other external factors. Some of the materials used to make these strips include:

  • Epoxy resin: It provides a transparent, sturdy encapsulation, shielding against moisture. 
  • PU glue: Has a flexible and durable nature that reinforces the waterproofing of the strip.
  • PVC: Offers robust structural support to the strip, enhancing its waterproofing integrity.
  • Silicon: Adds flexibility and provides high heat and low-temperature resistance to the wire. Most environment-friendly material to make waterproof LED lights. 

What are the IP Ratings in LED Strips? 

IP ratings, also known as the Ingress Protection rating, are the specialized codes used to demonstrate the waterproofness and protectiveness of the LED strips. IP ratings contain two digits, indicating both the level of protection against solids (first digit) and liquids (second digit). The first digit ranges from 0 to 6, and the second from 0 to 8, from weak to strong.  

According to the grades given, five types of waterproof LED strips are available on the market: IP20, IP52, IP65, IP67, and IP68. So, if the lights are pretended to be installed in places that are dusty or watery situation, you would want a higher number – the higher, the better. 

For instance, the IP68 LED strip lights indicate that the LED has complete dust resistance due to a higher solid rating. The 8 in the figure represents protection against immersion in water up to a specified depth, making it perfect for outdoor settings.

LEDIA – The Best Waterproof LED Strip Lights 

LEDIA is a well-known LED strip light manufacturer in the light industry. Established in 2004, they have been a state high-tech LED enterprise with almost 20 years of experience. Living up to its name, Ledia provides the best waterproof LED strip lights for indoor and outdoor indoor collections.

Their well-known indoor LED strip is the 48V series. Made from high-quality material, these LED lights have an extended run time with shorter cuttable intervals. The fun part is they are available in multiple waterproof grades, including IP20, IP65, IP67, and IP68. They suit various settings like offices, homes, retail, and decor. 

Ledia offers high-quality silicone strip lights, which are renowned for their high flexibility and amazing lighting effect, and high-efficiency series for outdoor options. Both are made of durable material, resistant to flame and a certain extent of liquid (tell from the IP rating) and have unique designs for creating suitable and adaptable lighting effects. Plus, they come with years of warranty. 


In conclusion, understanding the intricacies of waterproof LED strips is essential for optimal lighting solutions. With a wide range of IP grades available, these waterproof LED strips can light up all kinds of indoor and outdoor settings. When seeking top-notch performance and reliability, LEDIA stands out.

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