Moving to a New Abode? Carry Out 4 Upgrades Before Moving In

Moving to a New Abode? Carry Out 4 Upgrades Before Moving In

Moving to a New Abode? Carry Out 4 Upgrades Before Moving In


The pre-move tasks and activities can drain you of energy and time, leaving you with little to no time to consider renovations for your new place. Besides, it is natural to overlook this task completely, given the worry of packing, hiring movers, and downsizing your belongings. However, before moving to your new home, carrying out specific renovations and repairs is crucial, especially if you don’t want to ruin your belongings.

Likewise, you honestly don’t want to occupy a space that feels old and shabby, now do you? So, carry out some remodeling tasks well before your stuff congests the new abode or serves as an obstacle. It will save a lot of work and hassle in the future and give you the upgraded and fresh start that you direly need.

With this spirit, focus on the following home improvement tasks before moving into the new residence.

  1. Paint the interior 

Unless your new house is recently constructed, it will require a fresh coat of paint before you occupy it. If there were former residents, they must have painted the house according to their preferences. And so, you probably won’t agree with or appreciate their choice of color or paint patterns. Or, it might simply not align with your décor ideas. So, it’s imperative to give a fresh coat of paint to the entire house. This step will also allow you to get rid of all the stubborn marks left behind by the furniture items of the previous occupants.

While this task isn’t intrusive, you will still need extra space to keep your belongings safe from splatter and mess. And what’s better than utilizing storage units to keep your stuff secure for as long as you want. Since the painting process can be time-consuming and messy, storing your furniture and other valuables in a self-storage facility is viable.

  1. Flooring replacement 

Moving heavy boxes and furniture often ruins the floors by leaving scratches and indents all over. Apart from that, it’s highly likely that the previous owners didn’t bother to renovate before they moved from this house. Therefore, if the existing floor is in bad condition or doesn’t resonate with your taste, you best replace the flooring before settling in. The reason is that flooring replacement is a long and arduous process, and the workers will require ample time to carry it out. So, having any furniture or boxes in those rooms is out of the question.

Furthermore, if you already have your belongings in there, you will have to shuffle them around for each room. And that’s for sure going to increase the work hassle, let alone stress you out. So, ease your worries and responsibilities by carrying out any flooring replacement work before you move in.

  1. Carry out major upgrades 

Often old-built homes have shabby and rusty plumbing and electricity lines, which can cause issues once you start living in that home. Therefore, ensure to hire a professional to thoroughly examine the structure and systems and check out your house’s plumbing, electricity, and gas connections. Then, suppose you need to make any upgrades. In that case, it is best to do it before you move in as plumbing and electricity works require a complete cut-off of water and electricity. Besides, you might also want to install advanced lights and lamps around the house, so better do them before you occupy the place. Likewise, if you’re renovating the bathroom or kitchen area, it probably links to the entire plumbing structure. So, act wise and get this work done beforehand.

The workers will also have to remove the wall or flooring parts to upgrade the wiring or pipes. So, carry out these repairs and upgrades before you start working on walls and floors.

  1. Conduct safety and security updates 

You must always change your home’s locks and security system when you move into a new place. The reason is that previous residents or their friends and family may still have spare keys to it. This factor can put the safety and security of your family and home at risk. So, always change the security system and upgrade the locks for each room before moving.

However, safety and security don’t end here. If you have kids, you must make an effort to childproof the whole house before moving your family to the new home. Install child protection devices and cover all the electrical sockets for the sake of their safety. If there is any furniture in the house like kitchen and bathroom cabinets, put safety locks on them.

Similarly, if you have pets, you will have to ensure their safety and security. Install fences inside the house to separate their play area from common areas and outside your home so that they don’t run away.

Bonus tip: Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms 

One of the most common yet dire mistakes people make while renovating their homes is that they overlook smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If these alarms aren’t active and a fire breaks out, it can put your home and your family’s safety in jeopardy. So, before you relocate to the new house, ensure to check and replace battery cells for all the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in the home.

Even if there are working batteries in them, replace them with new batteries, just in case they run out before expected.


Moving into a new home is as tiring and exhausting as it gets. But it is also an exciting and thrilling aspect of life. It gives way for a fresh start in your life in a new place surrounded by new people. However, you must not only focus on the moving process because your new residence’s renovation is just as significant. So, before you relocate, ensure to carry out all the essential upgrades. If you need to renovate the home because of old toilet fixtures or kitchen cabinets, do all these tasks before moving. Hence, when you arrive at your new home with your family, the place will be as fresh and new as it gets, allowing everyone to settle in comfortably.