When Should You Consider Filing a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Dog bites are serious business. While most dog attacks are minor, 1 in 86,781 dog bites actually lead to death. When a person is attacked by a canine, it usually causes multiple injuries. In those cases, filing a dog bite lawsuit is a good idea.

If you’ve been bit by a dog and you’re wondering whether or not you need a dog bite attorney, continue reading the information below.

Should You File a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Every dog bite isn’t serious. There are times when you’re playing with a puppy or small dog and they’ll bite you. But a minor dog bite isn’t always cause for a lawsuit.

On the other hand, some dog attacks are violent and dangerous to your health— especially if the dog has rabies. Dog bite lawsuits are generally assessed based on the severity of the bite. The level of damage is categorized by six different levels, which include:

Level 1: Minor dog bite

Level 2: Minor bite with a mark left on the skin

Level 3: Moderate bite with the skin slightly punctured and aggressive behavior

Level 4: Multiple bites with significant punctures and bruising to the skin, along with aggressive behavior from the dog.

Level 5: Serious dog bite with deep bite wounds associated with other injuries like bone fractures and nerve damage

Level 6: Aggressive behavior that leads to the death of the victim

Dog bite laws vary in each state. In most states, the dog’s owner is responsible for paying damages to the victim caused by their pet.

When to Call an Injury Attorney

If your wounds are severe, you should call a dog bite lawyer. When someone else’s dog has caused you severe harm and you have medical bills because of it, you deserve a dog bite settlement.

Let’s say you are bit by a neighbor’s dog. You can always try to settle the matter with them first. See if they are willing to pay your medical bills. If not, a dog bite lawsuit is your best bet.

Always take photos of your injuries, even if they seem minor. When it comes to bites and other wounds, sometimes they worsen as time goes on and could cause infection.

You should also reach out to the proper authorities in your city to report the incident. If the dog has done the same thing to other people, that means they are a harmful risk. In those situations, the dog could be taken away or put down.

If you were bit by a dog and you need legal counsel, find out more about it here.

Filing a Dog Bite Lawsuit

The decision of whether or not to file a dog bite lawsuit is up to you. There are certain cases when it’s not necessary and other circumstances when you could benefit from doing so. Hopefully, the content above helps you decide which course of action is right for you.

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