Hublot Watch: A Timepiece That Integrates Life Cycle and Elements

Hublot Watch: A Timepiece That Integrates Life Cycle and Elements

Hublot is a famous Swiss company that manufactures high-quality brands of watches. For 40 years now, the company has been introducing signature watches. It has been serving the industry with a high reputation since it was first launched at Baselworld in 1980.

The watch industry recognizes Hublot as the only watchmaker that guarantees an aesthetic style of fusion. It has created a legacy of producing luxury and high-quality watches in the market. The designs stand out, giving pride to exquisite and extravagant manufacturing materials.

Apart from its luxury brands for watches, Hublot is also popular with its peculiar fusion watches. Its designers combined rare materials such as ceramics, rubber, fabrics, metal, and leather to achieve maximum functionality, comfort, and style.

From the start of its operations, Hublot quickly earned an excellent reputation in the industry. Even prominent figures across the globe patronize the company’s collections. Among these fans include European princes and kings, celebrities, musicians, artists, and athletes.

Designing the watches is something that is not made overnight or in a few days. They craft the products with dedication, focus, and extensive research. Swiss watch craftsmanship involves outstanding creativity that makes Hublot an inspiration to other brand subordinates. To create unique Hublot watches, all products are distinctively glamorous and superlatively precise.

What Makes Hublot Watches Unique

Assortment of Colors

In the recently launched VHM 2021 collections, the colorful watch assortments of Hublot created a big impression on the company’s fearless passion for colors. Among the watch designs exhibited are Spirit of Big Bang Beige, Big Bang One-Click 33mm, One-Click Rainbow, and Integral Ceramic.

Pioneering Rubber Strap

Designing straps for every collection of Hublot watches presented challenging expectations for the company. But with consistent and religious research, the company could pioneer a multi-function watch strap. The famous rubber strap of Hublot features a comfortable fit, clean and sleek lines, and water resistance.

Prices for Hublot Watches

Currently, the cheapest Hublot watch design for men is Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic 38mm men’s watch. Another more affordable design next to fusion automatic is the Hublot Classic Fusion Quartz 33mm ladies watches. Hublot men’s watch version usually features automatic calibers with completely mechanical movements. Meanwhile, the ladies’ watch design version uses battery-powered quartz movement.

Popular Hublot Watches

Apart from the splashy and lucrative limited edition watches, Hublot also manufactures several much-loved editions. It offers almost all models glamoured in various straps or cases. Among these popular Hublot watches are listed on this page.

Classic Fusion Collection

A popular design under classic fusion is Hublot’s Blue Chronograph King Gold. This classic design keeps the spirit of minimalism that is genuine to all Hublot collections. But what makes this collection unique is its outstanding innovation and variety.

The price under this collection varies from $5,500 to $,10,00. Sometimes it gets even more expensive as it depends on the model displaying the collection.

Big Bang Collection

We consider the Big Bang collection one of the most stylish and diverse designs of Hublot. It often employs the uniquely patented innovations of the company. The One-Click system of the watches enables you two change the strap of the watch easily. This allows you to change different strap-style options.

The timepieces under the Bigbang collection feature several complex and distinct movements. The Unico movement, in particular, provides features such as:

  • Power reserve that lasts for 70hours.
  • An automatic winding system that is highly efficient and bi-directional
  • Removable escapement module. This allows easier scale/balance wheel repair.
  • An integration of flyback chronograph coupled with dial side’s column-wheel mechanism

A popular design under this collection is the Big Bang Unico Sapphire Rainbow. The price under this collection ranges from $10,000 to $80,000; often, it is available for an average amount of  $30,000

Spirit of the Big Bang Collection

This is a recent collection of Hublot that features barrel-shaped dials or the tonneau. The watches also employ the Zenith El Primero movement that nicely fits the style of slim-line tonneau cases. They encased the models under this collection in black-plated stainless steel and black ceramic. They adorn a model in this collection with 48 black diamonds, an enlarged date moon phase-complication, and crystal-dialed smoke sapphire.

Pros in Buying Hublot Watches

  • Hublot watches belong to the limelight and are more popular than other Swiss brands in terms of luxury brands.
  • Hublot introduces limited edition and special edition watches.
  • The company also prides glittery models adorned with pavé dials (models paved with sparkly diamonds), precious metals, diamond bezels, and the likes.

Cons for Buying Hublot Watches

  • Usually, Hublot watches are more expensive than other watch brands like the Omega.
  • Hublot watches rarely have excellent resale value.


Hublot is an innovative Swiss watch company that manufactures many of the finest and most elegant watches in the market. As an influential leader in the industry, it ventures into various materials and ensures outstanding and precise craftsmanship.