How To Choose the Best Caravan Storage Facilities

How To Choose the Best Caravan Storage Facilities
How To Choose the Best Caravan Storage Facilities

In the off-season, safely storing your caravan is vital. But this can be costly, so before you jump in and choose a place let’s walk you through the things you need to consider before getting secure caravan storage near you

Things To Consider Before Making a Choice 

Take A Look At the Premises

Indeed, caravan storage sites don’t need to be pretty, but they do need to be clean. If the space looks run down and you get the impression that no maintenance has ever been done, it’s a red flag and your caravan could be damaged and unsafe from external damage.

Check Out the Security

If you can, make sure to check all security features the business has previously mentioned are there. So, if they say they have high fences, boom gates, and CCTV, check if this is true. If you don’t see what’s mentioned, it’s a definite red flag. Ideally, you should be able to choose between indoors and outdoors and both options should be secure. 

How Easy Is It to Drive To?

Some storage facilities are just located too far off the beaten path. Sure, this means the storage area is larger, but it also means you may not be able to safely drive your caravan there. This is usually the case for storage spaces that are designed for trucks, that also branched out to caravans. 

Check The Pricing

Depending on your budget, the pricing is an important consideration. Although the best options are unlikely to be super cheap, you do want to find somewhere that is fairly priced for the amenities, safety, cleanliness, and options on hand. This way, you can stay within your budget and keep your caravan safe in a place you enjoy. 

Check The Contract

Not all storage spaces offer contracts, but in the case of something going wrong, a contract is what keeps you protected, and helps you claim later on if you have insurance (and you should!). So, consider it a red flag if the storage centre doesn’t offer you a contract upfront. 

The Location Of The Storage Site

In addition to accessibility, the location of the storage site should be easy for you to come and go from. After all, you can drive in the campervan, but you can’t drive it out, so don’t opt for anywhere that’s too far from your home or in the middle of nowhere. This way, if you want to check on your van, you can do it at any time. 

The Caravan Storage Spaces Itself

The very last thing you should do is check where the caravans are stored, indoors and outdoors. Make sure there’s enough space with a lot of clearance for the caravans and an easy way to drive in and out of the facilities. This means that you can be sure that you have enough space and that people don’t accidentally scratch or bump into your van. 

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