How to Turn off Auxiliary Heat on Honeywell Thermostat

How to Turn off Auxiliary Heat on Honeywell Thermostat

How to Turn off Auxiliary Heat on Honeywell ThermostatIf we are to tell you how to turn off auxiliary heat on a Honeywell thermostat, we must say to you what we mean by that, considering you’re entirely new on thermostats.

Auxiliary, by definition, means additional or secondary. Aux heat, therefore, is a secondary source of heat. As is the case with thermostats, it has two sources of heat, one main and the other auxiliary. You have the thermostat set to a specific temperature, which is peachy to you. Cross and drop a couple of degrees below that, and the device providing the heat will go off. It may happen that the heating system can’t heat you up as desired, with its limited capacity and stops functioning altogether. Who is to rescue then? The Aux heat!

When is it Good for Aux Heat to Turn on?

How we have put the story forward, auxiliary heat seems like a blessing. An undercover hero that pops up when situations get desperate, isn’t it? Well, there are situations when auxiliary heat is good to come on. For example, when the temperature outside is dropping below the freezing cold, it is normal to have aux weather on. Because then, the outdoor heat pump will need help heating up, just like Batman needs his Robin. Again, if the heat pump or the primary source goes into the defrost mode, then it is also an excellent time to have a backup.

A third common scenario is created by yourself. You allow the temperatures on your thermostat to drop as you sleep, and by bumping it up 3 degrees, expect the furnace to heat fast as soon as you wake up. Someone needs to catch up with these demands, and it is the aux heat. Also, if the temperature inside your house remains constant at a stretch for 10/15 minutes, the Aux may feel like the heat pump or the actual heating system isn’t functioning so well, so it might need to back the boss up.

If the conditions are none of the above and you see your auxiliary heat constantly running without any need whatsoever, it’s time you turn that thing off because it is malfunctioning. 

Here is how to turn off Auxiliary Heat on Honeywell Thermostat

But wait, why do you need to turn it off? If a device you set is doing double the duty and is a better proxy for the primary heating system, why stop it? Let this take charge! Well, however useful and fast the auxiliary system is, it is costly. And by expensive, we mean very expensive. So unless you are prepared for an eye-opening electricity bill, we suggest you turn it off.

The first thing you can do is to check if the temperature that you have set is too high for practical and rational use. You cannot expect your furnace to magically give you the desired warmth as soon as you wake up. This is extra work, and you can be lenient here. If it’s freezing outside and you want a seventy-five inside, you’re making things hard for the heat pump.

So, you can have your bars lowered and have the temperature set below the sixties. While this may mean layering up and adding quilts to your pajama-lifestyle, at least it is accessible on the thermostat, and you won’t need to worry about paying higher electricity bills. If that is too much to ask, you can start by going below the seventies and work it up as you go.

The second thing you can try is to warm up the room. You can do a lot when it comes to this. Work on the insulation of your home so that it retains the heat inside and does not let the freezing temperature outside, in. You can do some laundry that you have been putting off for decades now and use the heat from the dryer. Also, you can take advantage of using your oven to bake the cake you have been dying to have everyone taste.

When you get the sun, allow it to heat the rooms, let the heat in! You can also close rooms that are hardly used to let the heat run through and warm up places that you regularly sit or study in. This should help your thermostat. 

When to Call for a Professional

Well, there’s so much one can do to take such measures. But you may be living in an area where the temperature is always cold, and all other actions aren’t working. If your aux heat is running all day and kicking up unusually, you will need to call a pro.

This is because there may be an inherent condition with the heating system itself. It may not be doing its job, which may be firing up the aux. Your thermostat itself may need to change. These auxiliary heating issues can be addressed by a professional. There may be a couple of solutions that they can best implement, so get on and invest!


While there is no definitive way on how to turn off auxiliary heat on a Honeywell thermostat, to have it done, you could follow our advice and change your lifestyle. If not, there’s always professional help, and it is better than coughing up a massive amount of bucks.