How to become successful at Internet Marketing

As every domain, the internet marketing is a vast field only a few can really understand. Nobody was born knowing this type of marketing, that’s for sure. But how does one become successful when it comes to this niche? Stay tuned and find out!

One thing is for sure: it has changed forever our perspective upon the world. Almost everyone has got a cell phone and uses Social Media or, at least, has a search engine installed on his or her phone. TV is almost dead and it is like this for a very good reason. The Ads that television fed us weren’t specific enough. The truth is that nobody liked being interrupted for 15 minutes or more during a movie. That’s when Internet Marketing came in handy. By offering us a real reason to shop, it has quickly overcome its infancy and has become a real drug. Studies show that giving up on Social Media is like a drug.

But how do you make profit out of this people’s vice?

First of all, you have to like this domain. You don’t need any formal marketing theory, it’s all in the practice. But you really need to have a passion for it. Psychology may also help you decide upon your ads, depending on your users’ behaviour. 

The first thing that you have to do is to get yourself a site. It’s better if you build it yourself, because it will help you later, when you’ll be doing SEO (if you are going to do this, of course). If you want to start the easiest way, you should start with WordPress. This platform is pretty self-explicative and an amazing way to begin learning everything. Build therefore the site of your dreams. For WordPress, we’d recommend using Elementor, as it is a very easy-to-use site builder. Add contact forms at the end of this process, too, and don’t forget to have fun while doing your site.

Then start promoting yourself by Ads. Google Ads are a great way to start. We don’t recommend using the smart campaigns, as they are a big trap that Google sets up in order to make more money. Instead, even if you are a total beginner in Ads, use the expert mode. First of all you’ve got to see the matches type and the search volume. Don’t ever use the broad match for all of your keywords, because the results will not be relevant at all. Instead, try putting the keywords between the brackets for a keyphrase match or add a + before every word for a more specific match. If you use [ ], the chances are that you will not be getting much traffic. Also see the search volume. Sometimes, the higher doesn’t necessarily mean the better, as your competition might bid higher than you. Try to add as many keywords as possible, but keep them relevant to your business and to your business’ aim, goal.

Another good advice would also be not to ever mix the types of campaigns. For example, never use the display and search campaign together. Because, this way, you will never know what type of campaign really brings you the best results. Instead, use the Search campaign separately. 

You can also learn about LinkedIn Ads, as this platform is really good at targeting people. Nowhere else will you find such a targeted audience. However, you should exclude the people from the marketing sector if that’s not your desired audience. This kind of people are doing just the same as you, so don’t try to sell an SEO marketing course to an SEO senior.

As for where to learn marketing from, there are plenty of sites and tutorials on Youtube, Udemy, LinkedIn, even Facebook to learn from. The best thing is however the practice, as the theory isn’t really helpful, only at the beginning. It’s the practice that will really show you if you’re made for this type of activity. You can even start applying to jobs or bidding for freelancing projects. Moreover, don’t be discouraged if someone rejects you, as there are lots of freelancers with a lot of experience. All you have to do is to keep trying till you find your perfect job. Also add in your resume everything you did and all the courses you took. 

In conclusion, you must try becoming successful at marketing even if you’re a total beginner in this domain. You should begin by making a site, then making ads and, finally, SEO. This way, you will gain presence in the online world and potential clients will start contacting you. If you want to get a job as a junior marketer, you can start applying to jobs. However, all you need to do is to write correctly and everything will come by itself. Learn more about Google by learning about Artificial Intelligence. You can even rent a gpu dedicated server from Auxilio!