Top 5 Pro Tips For Hosting an Event

Hosting an event is an incredible experience that comes with a lot of responsibility. About 70% of Americans would say that event planning is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!

Consider these five event-hosting tips to make your next party be as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests.

1. Create a Stellar Playlist

Music sets the mood. Do you want your event to be high-energy and beat-heavy? Or classy and jazzy? Plan a playlist that will be as long as your event to avoid repeats.

Even better than a playlist, consider hiring local musicians to play the music for your event, making it even more memorable!

2. Be Aware of All Your Guests

Part of being an incredible host is being highly aware of how all your guests are feeling at your event. You will know everyone, but your guests most likely won’t.

Introducing people with similar interests and keeping an eye out for those who might not know how to break in and engage on their own is part of being an incredible host and making sure all your guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

3. Shop Early for Supplies

Are there items that you will have to order? That will take time and you don’t want to be stressing out at the possibility that your materials might not arrive on time.

Bigger items that you might need, like tables or chairs especially, should be coordinated as soon as possible. Read more about the kinds of tables that might best suit your event.

If you are going to be hosting your event at a location that needs to be rented, this will also have to be done with plenty of time in advance.

4. Don’t Forget Decorations

You don’t have to go overboard with this…but decorations add a special flair to any event. Many different kinds of feature items like a balloon garland, or a photo booth can really add a special element to your event.

Other kinds of special touches like beautifully written name cards, little goodie bags, and even arranging the food or drink display in a specific way will make your event feel and look its best.

5. Create a Menu that Fits Your Theme

Will your event be black-tie and for the purpose of business? Perhaps finger foods that aren’t messy and can be eaten while standing and networking will be better suited.

Will you be serving a sit-down meal? Plan out a few courses and consider hiring people to help serve.

Be considerate of food intolerances and allergies as well. This does not mean you can’t serve certain items, but noting common allergies that may be present in your dishes on a little card would be a very nice touch in helping your guests feel cared for and comfortable.

Feeling More Confident About Hosting an Event?

Hosting an event is something that anyone can learn and get better at! These five tips for hosting events will be helpful in making sure your event goes as smoothly and is as enjoyable as possible.

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