Advantages and Pitfalls of essay writing services

Advantages and Pitfalls of essay writing services

Students undertaking courses in this era find it challenging to write a persuasive essay paper and accomplish assignments. Some fix some time to conduct research and create a fantastic report, while others can’t manage to do the task independently. They end up outsourcing essay writing services to help them accomplish their work. However, essay writing services have advantages and some disadvantages. Let us learn below.

Advantages and Pitfalls of essay writing services

Benefits of essay writing services

Frequent updates

One thing about essay writing services is that the writer updates you on every step. There are moments when the paper is needed within a tight schedule. When you outsource the writer, you explain the deadline to submit the work, and you keep communicating on the progress to ensure you deliver a great job within the required time.

Money-back guarantee

With writing services, you are assured of getting back your money if you aren’t satisfied with the work delivered to you. Above all, you can ask for multiple revisions until you are happy with the outcome. If you work with a personal writer, the chances are that he or she might never return the money if you aren’t satisfied. Think good and choose the best custom essay writing service like My Custom Essay to be sure you are in the right place.

You get several talented writers

When you reach out to the writing services for help, you have all the freedom to choose the best writer. There are many writers specialized in various fields. Even if your course is quite complex, you will always get the best writer to handle your paper.

Appropriate time management

Something students are always afraid of is late delivery. Some tutors set fixed deadlines, and no student can submit work whenever they feel like it. Writing services offer a guarantee of delivering the work within the required time. As a student, you must explain the assignments’ requirements in detail so that you don’t mess up the submission time.

Pitfalls of essay writing services

Disadvantages of Writing services

Having evaluated the top benefits of writing services, let’s check the same pitfalls as highlighted below.


Some essay writing service companies may ignore the writer’s mistakes when the student submits a complaint and asks for some revision. Instead, they stay calm over the matter. It can be stressful to students, especially when the issue at hand is of urgency.

Plagiarized papers

It is relatively easy for writers from essay writing services to produce a low-quality paper full of plagiarism. At times they have pressure to work on several papers within the required time. They ignore the details and create a low-quality paper with plagiarism, which is against the school regulations.

Grammatical errors

Some writing services companies have writers whose English isn’t the first language. In this case, such writers can produce work full of grammatical errors. This ends up ruining the student’s grades if not well-taken care of. If you realize such mistakes, you should reach out to them for corrections. However, if the deadline is over, you might end up in trouble.


As much as essay writing services help a lot, take note of the benefits you get and the possible downfalls.