The Biography Of Dr. Ali Albarghouthi, Personal, And Professional Life

Biography Of Dr. Ali Albarghouthi
Biography Of Dr. Ali Albarghouthi
Dr. Ali Albarghouthi

Religion and beliefs are very sophisticated topics when you learn about them. So, people rely on religious leaders and teachers. And as one of the leading religious teachers, Muslim scholars also shoulder the responsibility to spread and literate the people about their religion Islam. 

Dr. Ali Albarghouthi is one of the top Islamic Scholars in Canada as well as the world. He preaches the words of Islam through Muslim gatherings in mosques and classes. 

Dr. Ali Albarghouthi has gained popularity worldwide in the last six years. He is one of the humble and reasonable Islamic scholars. He not only shares his thought but also keeps improving his knowledge through learning and researching. Here we have tried to gather information about Dr. Ali Albarghouthi and let you know his works and contributions.

Basic Info

There is not much information about Dr. Ali Albarghouthi and his childhood on the Internet. He was quite a private person and does not own any personal social media account that shares his personal information. He started to share his thoughts and ideas about Islam through the internet in 2016. 

We did not get to know much about what he did and how he lived before that. even now he does not share his personal information or lifestyle through social media. All we know is that he spent most of his life in Canada. He owns a Research Institute in Canada named The Institute for Muslim Research and Progress.

There is no information about his family, wife, or children either. He never promoted his family members through his lectures or seminars. From his outlook, we can only guess that he is in his mid-thirties. Dr. Ali Albarghouthi is bibliophilic and loves to read and gather knowledge on different topics.

Quick Facts and Information

Full Name / Real NameAli Albarghouthi 
Born CountryCanada
Residence Ontario
ProfessionKhateeb, Shaykh, Speaker, Teacher
Current WorkplaceThe Institute for Muslim Research and Progress


Nothing is recorded online about the early education history of Dr. Ali Albarghouthi. He was devoted to his studies and showed outstanding results. He has received his Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Waterloo-Wilfrid Laurier. He also completed the joint Ph.D. program in the practice of Islamic Law. 

His research studies focused on ‘the concept and practice of Ijtihad in North America.’ He kept continuing to contribute to further research through his time as a teacher at the University of Saskatchewan and still did so through his research institution, The Institute for Muslim Research and Progress. 

Education(College/University)Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Waterloo Wilfried Laurier University joint Ph.D. in the practice of Islamic Law
Thesis concept and practice of Ijtihad in North America

Professional Life

Dr. Ali Albarghouthi is currently working as a Khateeb, Shaykh, Speaker, and an instructor at Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque and ISNA Canada. He has a diverse career. Here are some of his contributions.


Dr. Ali Albarghouthi was a faculty member at the University of Saskatchewan, one of the top research-intensive universities in Canada. He taught students about religious laws and practices. But he wanted to contribute more to research. 

So, he came back to Ontario and became the head of his non-profit research organization, ‘The Institute for Muslim Research and Progress.’ He is currently the director of this organization. The institution is helping numerous students to keep on learning and progressing religious through religious studies.

He also teaches and offers lectures and khutbahs across Toronto. He always tries to spread his knowledge among more people. If you do not like hour-long lectures, you will get small videos and clips of lectures on the internet to hear while you get a little time. Dr. Ali Albarghouthi also teaches students who have difficulties managing schedules and creates a different schedule to teach them.


Dr. Albarghouthi teaches people about the ideal lifestyle of Muslims and Islam through online and offline classes. He has launched his first mini-course, which teaches how to get the blessing of The Almighty Allah, attain BARAKAH, and live a better life.


Dr. Ali Albarghouthi has written a few books on Islamic religious beliefs, practices, and history. Some of his most known books are Heart Therapy: Forty Hadiths in the Purification of the Soul, Jesus in the Quran, and What Muhammad Said About Jesus.

Audio Lectures

You will find audio lectures of Dr. Ali Albarghouthi on various audio platforms. His lectures contain a range of topics, including tafsir, tajkia, and khutba. You can connect with him through his SoundCloud account or Apple music playlist to hear the audios whenever you want.

Audio Lectures 
BookHeart Therapy: Forty Hadiths in the Purification of the SoulJesus in the QuranWhat Muhammad Said About Jesus

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Biography Of Dr. Ali Albarghouthi

We have not found any information about the net worth of Dr. Ali Albarghouthi. He has kept any data about his earnings private. Dr. Ali Albarghouthi is actively present on social media. His official website acknowledges that he is available on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Youtube.

His Facebook page has more than two thousand followers, and more than a thousand people follow him on Instagram as well. He shares his work on his Twitter account as well. You will find his seminar and lecture videos on his Instagram account. He started sharing his lectures and works on social media in 2016. So, all his social media accounts were opened in 2016 or 2017. So, we don’t know much about him before 2016.

He has an official website that contains all his courses, video content, and lectures. You’ll also be able to join his classes and buy his books through his website. If you want to connect with him, you can look through his website. You can also connect with him through his organization Muslim Research Institute.

Contact InfoEmail: [email protected] 
Social Media AccountsFacebook: