7 Best Interview Questions to Ask Potential Employees

In 2022, the labor force will likely grow to 164.6 million people. That’s half a percent from 2012 to 2022, or 8.5 million.

As an employer, this means you’ll have plenty of fresh faces filling the cubicles next year.

However, with so many people applying for jobs, you want to make sure you’re hiring the best candidate. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the seven best interview questions to ask potential employees.

What’s a Mistake You’ve Made at Work?

This question will really put your interviewee in the hot seat. If they’re prepared for tough questions like this, then it shouldn’t phase them.

This is one of the best interview questions because it tests the candidate’s honesty. You’ll also get to see how they rectified or learned from the situation.

What Would Have Made You Stay at Your Previous Job?

This is one of the best questions about work history you can ask. Why? It will show you what kind of working conditions the candidate finds unfavorable.

You’re testing the candidate’s ability to spot unproductive working conditions and hypothetically improve them.

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What Questions for Me Do You Have?

When interviewing potential employees, it’s always room to fill in the gaps at the end. The more thought-out and nuanced the questions are, the higher the chance there is that they want the job.

A serious candidate will ask industry-specific questions and be curious about your company.

What Accomplishment Are You Proud Of?

Ask them to come up with something outside of work. This not only gives them a break from all the hard questions but gives you a chance to see their personality.

You’ll also get to see what they’re passionate about and gauge their ambition.

What Does Our Industry Look Like in the Future?

Obviously, no one can predict the future, but this question invites candidates to think creatively. It’ll clue you into how knowledgeable they are about your industry, too.

Is this person a forward thinker? An optimist? A realist? Add this to your interview question list to find out.

How Are Your Skills Applicable to This Job?

We’ve all had that oddball candidate who seems like a long shot.

Believe it or not, they may be the perfect fit for the job if they can explain why their background is applicable.

Asking about skills shows what someone may bring to the table.

What Else Do I Need to Know About You?

After hiring new employees, we sometimes learn things we wish we would have found out during the interview. This could be bad habits, for example, or maybe you find that their work style doesn’t mesh with the teams’.

This question gives candidates the chance to mention that maybe they’re passionate but reserved, or that they prefer to work alone.

Ask the Best Interview Questions Today

Every recruiting team knows how overwhelming it can be to screen applicants. If you don’t ask the best interview questions, you may never get a sense of who the best person is for the job.

If you come prepared with an interview list, you won’t have any problems interviewing potential employees.

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