Bathroom Improvements You Can Do On a Budget

Bathroom Improvements You Can Do On a Budget
Bathroom Improvements You Can Do On a Budget

When talking about bathroom improvements, the most common misconception is that these types of projects generally require a lot of money. However, that’s not entirely true. 

While more serious renovations would cost you a pretty penny, there are still some things you can easily do on a budget if you’re simply looking to give your current bathroom a facelift.

With that in mind, here are just some of the budget-friendly ideas anyone can do, that will help you to freshen up your space and create a totally new vibe in your old, boring bathroom.

Before you start

Before you get down to the nitty-gritty, you should first make sure that all of your plumbing and pipes are in mint condition. The last thing you want to happen is to finish your bathroom improvement project only to find out that you have a busted or leaking pipe at the very end.

So, in order to ensure you have a healthy base to work with, contact local plumbing professionals and have them conduct a thorough inspection. To make it a bit more budget-friendly, look for Beverly Hills plumbing experts. By focusing on the local businesses first you will save quite a bit of money – and time, especially in case you do end up requiring some plumbing repairs.

Take care of your fixtures and cabinets first

Once you’ve ensured that the base of your bathroom is good to go, you can move on to your first redecorating project, which should focus on cabinets and fixtures. It’s amazing just how big of a difference replacing your fixtures and changing your cabinets a bit can make.

Of course, entirely replacing your bathroom cabinets will not be the most budget-friendly of options. Luckily, you can simply repaint the fronts or even remove them entirely for a fresh new look. If your bathtub is not in the best possible shape – yet you don’t want to or can’t afford to replace it, you can always opt for reglazing. This will give your old tub a new shine and prolong its lifespan for at least a few more years.

Add a splash of color

Adding a splash of color to any space will instantly make it look totally different. But if you already have an accent color and you’re not quite sure it makes such a big difference, try changing it out.

For instance, if your walls were the colorful part of your bathroom design, consider painting them white (or any other light, neutral color) and introduce your statement color through accessories, such as the bathroom rug, tea towels, product containers and similar items.

What’s more, if you do opt for a neutral base, you can easily change your color scheme whenever you get tired of your current one. And to make the most out of every theme you choose, you can gradually introduce another statement color or two to your current design and have your bathroom constantly look fresh and new.

Fine-tune your bathroom design

If you’ve followed the previous steps and come up with a new design you enjoy, it’s time to start fine-tuning it, in order to unleash its full potential. Check to see if there are any containers that need to be replaced and take care of that first. If you don’t already have LED lights in your bathroom, make sure you add some as they will bring the level of illumination in the space to a whole new level.

And finally, get your hands on some low-maintenance indoor plants that thrive in humid environments. Not only will they look stunning and completely round out the design, but they also help you relax faster and enjoy all of your spa-at-home attempts whenever you feel like having them.