What to do When You Move Into a Student Apartment

What to do When You Move Into a Student Apartment

Once you have found a student apartment that’s right for you, you will need to be prepared for moving in. Hopefully, you’ve not yet found an apartment. This is because some of what you read in this article could potentially change your mind about what type of apartment you’re looking for.

Here’s what you need to do once you have found a student apartment:

Choose When You’re Going to Move in

Try to move into your new place at least one week before college starts. This will give you enough time to unpack your belongings and

Find Roommates

When you took a look through some student housing options you probably thought about having a roommate. While meeting someone new could be anxiety-provoking, a roommate can mean you have lower bills. In addition to this, they could be a friend for life. If someone you know is headed to the same college as you, why not consider sharing an apartment with them?

Get an Internet Service Provider

Unless you’re living in a dorm, you’re unlikely to have internet access. You will need to have access to the internet at all times. Therefore, it makes sense for you to get an internet service provider as soon as possible. Some apartments might come with free internet but not all of them do. Make sure you check whether the internet is included in the price before you sign on the dotted line.

You should also check what utilities are included in the cost of the apartment.

Make a List of The Essentials

You will need to have furniture for each room, appliances in the kitchen, and cookware. Some apartments come with everything you’ll need, others have the basics. Try to find out what is included in your new apartment so you know what essentials you will need. If you cannot afford to buy brand new items look for new-to-you items in goodwill stores. You could also ask friends and family if they have any kitchen items (for example) that you no longer need.

Get Your Supplies in

Before you move into your new place you should ideally get your supplies in. Stock up on cleaning materials and non-perishable foods. The more items you have with you now, the less you’ll have to buy when you move in. Try to have a few week’s worth of non-perishable foods so you’re good to go for a while.

Check the Apartment

Check each room in the apartment and take photographs of them. Look out for any scratches and stains that you find. If you take a photograph of them before you move in, you’re less likely to be charged for the damage when you move out. Also, make sure you know what items (if any) belong to the apartment so you can replace them should they get damaged.

Moving into a student apartment can be a very daunting time. However, the above tips can help you to be prepared for your move and your life in your new student apartment.