How to Choose Bathroom Colors

Are you trying to upgrade your bathroom?

Renovating a bathroom doesn’t have to be a high-budget affair. You can make big changes to your bathroom design without ever having to hire a professional.

Start by adjusting your bathroom colors.

There are plenty of great bathroom color ideas for walls, countertops, tiling, and even cabinets. We’re here to talk about how you can settle on your new bathroom color scheme.

Keep reading to learn more.

Consider Your Surroundings

What are you trying to paint first when you start your renovation project?

If you’re like most DIY designers, you’re probably starting with the walls. After all, it’s a big project that doesn’t require a big budget.

If this sounds like you, take a look at the parts of the bathroom that you have no intention of changing. This may include countertops, cabinets, tiling, or plumbing.

You want to pick a color that will work with these colors. Bring our paint swatches into the bathroom and hold them up against every colorful surface to see how the colors work together.

Look at Lighting

Most bathrooms don’t have great lighting. This has a big effect on how colors will look.

Whether you’re choosing one of these shower panels from Easy Panels, a new wallpaper, or floor tiles, you need to make sure that you try it out in all lighting conditions.

Lighter colors will make a poorly lit room look bigger and brighter while darker colors will make it feel small and cozy.

If you’re not satisfied with how the colors look in the light, this is a great time to invest in new lighting features in your bathroom.

Make a Statement

Have you considered adding a statement wall to your bathroom?

Statement walls are popular for living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens. Why not try one in the bathroom and see how you like it?

A statement wall is one wall that stands out from the others. It might be a color that contrasts with the primary color of the room, or it might even have a fun design. While paint is popular, you can also use sturdy wallpaper with a fun pattern to make your statement wall.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Whenever you make any large changes to your home, you need to consider whether or not those changes make sense for your lifestyle.

For example, white walls are clean and minimal, making them popular for bathrooms. If you happen to have small children or pets, or you’re messy on your own, white walls will look dingy and dirty in no time. This isn’t a great look for a bathroom.

So Many Bathroom Colors: Which Will You Choose?

It’s fun to choose new bathroom colors, and with these considerations in mind, you’ll have a colorful new bathroom that you’ll love in no time. Start coming up with bathroom color ideas and head to your local home and garden store today!

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