5 Key Considerations About Choosing Door Locks for Your Home

As the first line of defense against theft, you need a door lock that’s reliable and consistent. You’d be surprised how easy it is to breach so many locks these days!

But choosing the right home door locks can be tricky, as you might have different types for various parts of the home. For example, your interior door locks won’t be anything like your exterior ones.

So with some of these thoughts in mind, let’s check out five considerations about choosing door locks for your home.

1. Choose Your Door Lock Type

You must select the sort of door lock that you believe is most appropriate for your residence. Non-connected deadbolt, traditional, and smart locks are the three significant types of door locks available today.

A single-cylinder deadbolt, often known as a conventional deadbolt, is a robust type of door lock. It doesn’t have any fancy features, but it will keep your home’s doors safe. Plus, you don’t need to hire a door lock provider to rekey a conventional deadbolt. Try key cores for this lock type.

On the other hand, a smart lock would be a more convenient form of a door lock. Smart locks nowadays give you more than just the power to secure a door. They also provide you with sophisticated capabilities, like giving time-sensitive access, recording access logs, and other convenient features like door cams.

Check Door Locking Ratings

When it comes to picking the proper door lock for your house, you’ll want to think about its ratings. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grades a lock’s security.

When selecting a lock, go for the highest level of security you can afford. Grade 1 is the most secure, and Grade 3 is the least safe. A good-quality lockset will most likely be a Grade 2, and a builder-quality tubular lock will most likely be a Grade 3. Grade 1 deadbolts have anti-pick pins, extra-long bolts in extra-tough metals, and strengthened striking plates with long screws.

Decide Your Budget

You have the option of purchasing low-cost standard door locks that provide less protection. Or, you may get a high-security lock that may appear to be more expensive than usual.

Setting a budget will help you learn what types of locks are available to you. It’s wise to set a budget high enough to at least get Grade 2 rated locks.

Do You Want Keys?

Fingerprint readers, voice recognition systems, and iris scanners may replace keys. Some people see them as more convenient, and the best home door locks.

Assess whether you want to integrate these kinds of systems into your home. Or are you more traditional-minded and prefer keys? Ask a pro if you don’t know for home door locks advice.

Do You Need a Stronger Doorframe?

It doesn’t matter how strong your lock is if your doorframe is weak. Thus, if you are looking for security door locks for homes, get a professional to check your doors too.

If the doors are weak, replace them when you add new locks. If not, an intruder could batter down your door with brute force!

Get Your Home Door Locks Sorted

Now you should have a proper grasp of what home door locks you might choose for your property. There are plenty of options these days. But sometimes it’s better to go with the proven traditional route.

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