8 Signs You Need Replacement Vacuum Filters

8 Signs You Need Replacement Vacuum Filters
8 Signs You Need Replacement Vacuum Filters

A vacuum cleaner is an important appliance in any home. It helps to keep the house clean and free of pesky dirt particles, allergens, and other pollutants. The air inside your home may seem fresh, but it’s actually filled with dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and even bacteria. One way to reduce these contaminants is to change your vacuum filters regularly. 

If you notice that your vacuum cleaner is not picking up anything or running for a long time, then the chances are that the filter needs to be replaced. You can also ask yourself these questions to determine whether it’s time to get some replacement vacuum filters: Do you experience a loss of suction when vacuuming? Do your carpets feel less fluffy after cleaning?  

Here are eight signs you need replacement vacuum filters:

  1. The Filter Is Dirty 

An obvious sign that you need to replace your vacuum filter is when the filter itself is visibly dirty and needs to be cleaned. If there is a layer of dust and dirt on the filter, this means that it’s clogged and that you need to change your filters more often.

  1. Your Vacuum Smells Bad

Another sign that your vacuum cleaner needs a replacement filter is if it smells bad. A dirty or moldy-smelling vacuum is not healthy for anyone. If you notice an unpleasant smell in the air while vacuuming, this may be because of the dust and dirt particles building up in the filter over time.

When these small particles build up on both sides of the bag or container, they release gases as they decay. Gases cause the vacuum cleaner to emit a foul smell, especially if the vacuum cleaner is not cleaned regularly.

The Suction Power Of Your Vacuum Has Decreased Significantly

One of the common signs that the vacuum cleaner needs a new filter is a significant decrease in suction power. If the vacuum cleaner used to suck up everything on your carpets with ease but no longer seems to pick up everything, the filter may be clogged. And when the filter is clogged, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner reduces by 60%.

  1. Cleaning The Vacuum Doesn’t Help

If cleaning the vacuum cleaner does nothing to help improve suction power, chances are it needs a replacement filter and some general maintenance, such as replacing the belt. Dirty filters can also cause the vacuum cleaner’s motor to overheat.

  1. The Vacuum Cleaner Is Old 

Like any other appliance in your home, your vacuum cleaner has a lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. The average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner is around six years, but this may vary depending on the make and model. If your vacuum is more than six years old, it’s probably time to change the filters—even if you don’t notice any of the other signs listed above.

  1. Your Vacuum Cleaner Is Making Weird Noises

If the equipment is starting to make weird noises, this could be a sign that something is wrong with your vacuum cleaner. Some common sounds to watch out for include whirring, hissing, or clogging noises when you turn on your machine.

  1. The Filters Are Falling Apart

Some older models of vacuums have disposable filters while others allow you to wash and reuse them several times before replacing them again. In this case, examine how many times you can reuse each filter before replacing them to avoid wasting money and damaging your machine. Filter bags tend to last longer than reusable ones, but eventually, they too get filled up with dirt and need to be changed.

  1. The Vacuum Cleaner Motor Is Overheating And Shutting Down Frequently

A machine that suddenly starts having problems with turning on or keeps shutting down is another warning sign that something’s wrong with the filter, so you need to add a new one as soon as possible. If you keep seeing an overload error message, your belt may also need to be changed at some point, so check those parts while you’re looking for replacements.

You might spot some visible signs of wear and tear on your filters after only using them once or twice. Some people forget to change their filters because they clean such small particles from the carpets. Even if there are no visible dirt marks, tiny particles can still enter the air we breathe. So, be sure to check the filters after each use and replace them when you see visible signs of wear and tear.


Taking care of your vacuum cleaner is just as important as taking care of the rest of your home. Hence, it is worth buying and adding replacement vacuum filters to keep your equipment running smoothly and effectively.