What Is A Level 2 Electrician And When Do You Need One?

What Is A Level 2 Electrician And When Do You Need One
What Is A Level 2 Electrician And When Do You Need One

Live electricity isn’t something to take lightly. This is why it’s critical to call in professionals when electricity issues arise. Whether for safety tests, basic wiring or other electrical connection problems, you need experts who can handle your concerns effectively.

However, before looking for an electrician in your area, it’s wise to know the difference between ordinary and level 2 electricians. This way, you’ll know whom to call based on your need.

What To Know About Level 2 Electricians

Generally, level 2 professionals have higher qualifications, enabling them to perform more advanced electrical jobs. These electricians have also undergone training and are licensed to do maintenance, repairs and installation. This may include underground and overhead electrical work that connects the business or client’s property to an electrical supply network.

On the other hand, ordinary or level 1 electricians only have less training and deal with basic electrical work. Typically, they deal with wiring and circuitry problems, safety assessments, loose switches, and system upgrades. A level 1 electrician also focuses on maintenance and repairs across workplaces and residential properties. It isn’t uncommon for them to specialize in a particular field.

When To Call Level 2 Electricians

When To Call Level 2 Electricians

You can always call ordinary electricians for simple electrical problems. However, in situations that require beyond basic electrical solutions, you’ll need a level 2 electrician to handle your issues and ensure safe electrical works. Some of these cases include the following:

  • Electricity Meter Installation

An electricity meter is a device used to measure and track the power unit used on your property. While ordinary electricians can handle installing an electricity meter, some aren’t authorised for this purpose. This is why it’s best to hire level 2 electricians who are authorised and licensed to install electricity meters. Aside from being reliable, they also ensure safety and guarantee fast services.

  • Electrical System Upgrade

Electrical systems vary in commercial buildings and residential houses. An extension job or upgrade could be necessary to support more devices, tools and appliances. If your current electrical system cannot accommodate the increased electrical demands, it’ll likely lead to a circuit overload.

Typically, buildings might require a single- or three-phase system. Single-phase systems involve a live and neutral wire, while the 3-phase system has one neutral wire and three active wires.

Depending on your electrical needs, you may want to upgrade your system, particularly if you require more power to avoid circuit overload. Level 2 electricians have expertise and skills in handling electrical upgrade works. As the work is high-risk, it isn’t suitable for regular electricians.

  • Disconnection And Reconnection Of Power Supply

Sometimes, electricity distributors or suppliers have to cut off or disconnect the power supply of households. For example, the supplier will disconnect the power supply when somebody doesn’t make their electricity bill payments on time.

To do this, electricity providers authorise level 2 electricians to do the job as a safety measure and because they have the skills necessary to perform the job. Once the problems are resolved, level 2 electricians will reconnect the power supply. Depending on the situation, you may need to hire one, or your electricity provider will assign one to reconnect your power supply.

  • Electrical Emergencies

Regardless of how you take care of your electrical system to ensure safety, an electrical emergency may happen at any time. These include the following:

  • Damaged cables due to bad weather conditions
  • Live wire sparks
  • Burning smell
  • Fire on electrical switchboards

If you experience any of the above electrical emergencies, turn off the power supply at the main connection and find the best electricians immediately. If you don’t know how to deal with emergency issues, it’s better to leave the job to level 2 electricians.

While you can call an ordinary electrician, level 2 electricians should be your first option because they have the knowledge and skills to deal with electricity-related high-risk scenarios. This way, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing that the appropriate repairs are done promptly.

  • Underground And Overhead Power Supply

There are two primary ways in which electric power supply is transmitted, and these include overhead and underground supply. Sometimes, both of these have to be dependent on the other.

The underground electrical power supply system requires the usage of underground cables, while electrical poles are necessary for overhead electrical power supply. If there are faulty poles or cables, they’re fixed by level 2 electricians.


Unlike ordinary electricians, level 2 electricians perform more dangerous and serious electrical tasks. They’re more qualified than regular electricians and knowledgeable about the government’s rules and regulations. They’re also licensed and authorised, making them more trustworthy. So, find one when you encounter electrical issues that require advanced solutions.