7 Ways Japanese Cotton Towels Are Better Than Regular Bath Towels

7 Ways Japanese Cotton Towels Are Better Than Regular Bath Towels
7 Ways Japanese Cotton Towels Are Better Than Regular Bath Towels 

Bath towels are essential in keeping your body clean. In most cases, towels are used in patting yourself dry. Towels have different sizes and shapes. But most of them are rectangular and big enough to cover your body. But some manufacturers make round types in the market. Some towels are made of more absorbent fabric than others.

Japanese cotton towels are some of the high-quality towels found in the market today. Generally, they have the edge compared to other types because of their material and crafting techniques used on them. If you want to try using Japanese towels, here’s an article that’ll provide you with the reasons why they’re better than regular ones. Keep reading to learn more. 

  1. They’re More Absorbent 

Japanese cotton towels are comparatively greater than other towels when it comes to absorbency. To know why here are some of the features that give them more superior absorptive qualities: 

  • Size: Most Japanese towels have a wider surface area than most regular towels. Because of their size, they can cover more areas and absorb more water.  
  • Material: Japanese towels are made of high-quality cotton fibers. In addition, the cotton material used in these towels has thicker structure and hydrophilic (absorbent) qualities. 
  • Density and thickness: Japanese cotton towels can absorb water five times more than regular towels. These towels have more tightly packed fibers compared to others. Furthermore, Japanese towels are generally thick, optimizing their capacity to take in more liquid.  
  1. They Have Undergone A Delicate And More Advanced Crafting Process 

Generally, regular towels go through the typical machines and chemicals for fabrics and clothes. Usually, this same process contributes to the reduction of the towel’s absorbency. On the other hand, Japanese cotton towels have been through a meticulous approach to ensure their quality.  

Additionally, there is a limited use of chemicals and softeners. Because of this, the towels have more of their organic properties that optimize their absorbency. That’s why most Japanese towels have a longer material lifespan than regular ones. 

Lastly, these towels went through special low-speed machines that delicately work on the fibers, threads, and loops to have the desirable, comfy texture and feel. Apart from the mechanical process, Japanese towels also went through a unique type of weaving process. In a way, this process increases the towel’s capacity to imbibe moisture.  

  1. They Have More Thread Count 

Thread count plays a big role in absorbency. The more thread there is, the better the absorbency. In reality, most regular towels have fewer thread counts compared to the Japanese types. The former ranges from 300 to 400 GSM (grams per square meter), while Japanese cotton towels are 600 GSM. 

  1. They’re Easier To Clean And Wash 

Because their threads are firmly weaved, Japanese cotton towels display a more intact yet smooth surface. This quality makes most Japanese towels easier to clean than regular types. For the same reason, washing and softening them is also simpler than washing generic towels. 

  1. They Absorb More Quickly

In most cases, Japanese cotton towels absorb water a lot quicker than the other types. In measuring speed absorbency, a sample of Japanese towels is believed to take in moisture on a table within five seconds—faster than any other cotton towel. 

  1. They’re Softer 

Japanese cotton towels are also known for their softness. Perhaps, the unique cotton that composes them plays a role in this quality. Moreover, the special process that Japanese towels undergo gives them the soft edge over the others. 

  1. They’re More Durable, And They Dry Quickly 

The cotton material, special weaving, and machine processing collectively makes Japanese towels hard-wearing. The processes make the fibers and threads challenging to tear. Because of this, Japanese towels last longer than most of their counterparts. What’s more, Japanese towels dry quickly. Although they absorb a lot of moisture, their natural fibers don’t hold water that long. This way, it loses its dampness when exposed to heat.  

Wrapping Up 

Japanese towels have excellent features. These include high absorbency, quick dryness, softness, and durability. Generally, these qualities make Japanese towels the better option for anyone who wants to stay cool during hot seasons. Because of this, these towels are now widely sold anywhere on the web and the world. 

If you want to buy your Japanese cotton towel, you need to consider doing some steps. This is important so you’ll buy an original Japanese towel. You may check out the towel if it has an exclusive mark signifying that it’s authentically Japanese-made. Above that, you may examine the towel’s texture if it genuinely shows what true Japanese cotton towels are about.