10 Considerations Before Buying Used Chevy Trucks For Sale

10 Considerations Before Buying Used Chevy Trucks For Sale
10 Considerations Before Buying Used Chevy Trucks For Sale

When buying a used car, your aim is usually to get the best car for your budget. But buying a truck isn’t as straightforward as you might think. People build trucks for different purposes. So, you have to establish why you want to buy a Chevy truck, to begin with. Thankfully, all Chevy trucks are built to last. No matter which model you buy, new or used, they’re usually dependable. However, this depends on the truck’s condition too.

Therefore, you need to know what to look for when buying these used trucks. Your starting point is looking for used Chevy trucks for sale online. You don’t need to be an expert per se, but knowledge is power, nonetheless. Moreover, you might need to bring your mechanic along too.

That said, here’s a list of the things you ought to consider before buying a used Chevy truck:

1. The Intended Purpose Of The Truck

This is perhaps the most important consideration of all. If you’re in the market for a truck, you probably want to use it for something. Do you want to use it to tow a trailer? Carrying loads? For school? For work? Or are you just looking to use it as a daily driver?

It’s easier to look for a truck if you know what you want to use it for beforehand. Once you have a good idea of what you want, you’ll be able to shortlist trucks easily and eventually find the right one for you.

2. Rust

It’s quite common for rust to appear on older trucks. However, rust is bad news, so you need to do a thorough inspection of the body to check for any hidden rusty areas. Don’t be fooled by the exterior of the vehicle or its shiny paint. Rust likes to hang out in hidden places. You’ll only be able to uncover these upon inspection.

3. Condition And Size Of The Bed

Before buying a truck, consider the bed size you want. The intended purpose of the truck will influence this. Also, the truck bed has to be in good condition. You need to inspect the truck bed because it’s really hard to mask the extent of its damage, so watch out for signs of excessive wear and tear. If, for example, there are holes in the bed, you might want to look elsewhere.

4. Luxury

If you’re on a budget, perhaps you need to remove looking for luxury from your list. Even though used trucks are much cheaper than new ones, luxurious Chevy trucks will usually fetch a high price too. But don’t be discouraged. If it’s within your budget, by all means, go for it! Whether luxury will be a worthy consideration depends a lot on your budget.

5. Rear Wheel Or Four-Wheel Drive

For off-road usage, four-wheel drive trucks are better. But for general usage, a two-wheel drive truck will suffice. Also, consider that two-wheel drive trucks have better fuel economy and are usually more appropriate for towing. Whereas four-wheel drive trucks are less fuel-efficient but offer you greater traction and stability.

6. Timing

Truck prices fluctuate between seasons, and it’s a real trend. Trucks are cheaper in colder months and more expensive in hotter months. This has something to do with seasonal demand patterns. So, it’s better to buy trucks in winter or autumn if you’re on a budget or are just looking to get them for a cheap price.

7. Mileage

When buying a second-hand truck, check the mileage before deciding to buy it. There’s nothing wrong with buying an old truck, it just has to be in good condition. But if the truck is too old, it may end up being a liability more than an asset in the long run.

So, if the truck’s mileage exceeds 250 000 miles, perhaps you should consider a different one. Consider those with a mileage of under 80 000 miles first.

8. Light-Duty Or Heavy-Duty

Depending on the intended use of the truck, you’ll need to consider whether you need a heavy- or light-duty truck. Heavy-duty trucks are appropriate for hauling, trailering, and towing. So, for example, if you’re looking to get a heavy-duty Chevy truck, consider the Silverado HD. But if you’re not using the truck for heavy lifting, consider the baseline Silverado, perhaps.

However, note that used HD trucks can be expensive. So, if you’re not a heavy user, stick to the light-duty ones.

9. Service Records

Check whether the maintenance records are up to date. Cars that have evidence of regular maintenance checks should last longer on average and won’t give you problems. Therefore, you ought to check service records thoroughly because some sellers may want to hide information to your detriment.

10. Test The Truck

Trucks have a lot of moving parts. You want to make sure that everything works properly. If need be, you can bring your mechanic along too. You don’t want to inherit someone else’s problem, so test it as much as you need to. Test out the lights, brakes, engine, gearbox, fuel pump, filter, oil and oil pump, heating and cooling system, electrics, and so on.

Also, do a road test and test whether the accelerator and brake system work properly, especially with diesel cars as they cost more to maintain compared to their petrol-powered counterparts.


If you’re looking to buy a used Chevy truck, don’t skimp on the testing part. Trucks have high usage rates and if you’re buying one, you want to make sure that it’s working as it should. Don’t just trust what the salesperson says or what the description says. Ideally, you ought to test the used truck yourself.