5 Signs You Need a New Hot Water Heater

5 Signs You Need a New Hot Water Heater

Access to hot and cold running water is one of the most basic and vital services that you have in your home. This also means that it is a service you won’t ever want to go without. If you aren’t taking proper care to ensure that your plumbing system is in proper working order, you could be risking a situation where things break down. 

The Need for Regular Maintenance

If you aren’t cautiously maintaining your water heater, you may end up with a problem where your system no longer works appropriately. In this case, you’ll have to buy a new unit and also pay to have a professional come to install your hot water heater in your home. 

To prevent this situation from happening, you need to get regular maintenance. In the meantime, you can check your system for signs that you might need a new unit. Here are a few checks to let you know:

  1. Rusty Water

If you’re finding rust in the water coming out of your tap, you need to have your system repaired immediately. Ensure that you use this water as little as possible until your new tank is installed and your water is clean again. Whatever you do, be sure not to drink any water that contains rust. 

  1. Strange Noises

Hot water tanks usually do not create very much noise, so you know that a considerable amount of noise around your tank means that there’s a problem occurring. This situation merits a check from a professional. It is always best to double-check with your hot water service companyif you aren’t sure what merits a strange noise. In a worst-case scenario, they’ll be able to give your system a maintenance check.  

  1. Hot Water is Running Out Fast

One of the most obvious signs that your hot water tank should be replaced happens when it can no longer perform the job that it should. Your first reaction should be to hire a repairperson that can offer you help to fix or replace your unit. If you want to test out your hot water supply, try running a bath to see when you run out. 

  1. Your Tank is Old

If you’re inspecting your hot water tank, check to see if you can determine its age. If your tank has passed ten years old, then it might break down. Your best option here is to contact a professional who can cover all of your bases at once, including: 

  • Maintenance Checks
  • Tank Replacement
  1. You Notice Leaking

If you find water leaking from your old hot water tank, you probably need a new unit. To be sure, contact a professional company to provide an assessment. 

When your hot water tank is working well, it should remain uneventful, so it doesn’t take much to know when your tank has a problem. Call a service member if you notice any of these signs in your home.