Four Reasons To Hire A Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Four Reasons To Hire A Licensed Plumbing Contractor
Four Reasons To Hire A Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Plumbing issues are a nuisance to every homeowner or business owner, most especially when they unexpectedly arise at the wrong time. Many homeowners and business owners decide to fix blocked kitchen sinks, sluggish water from shower drains, running toilets, and other plumbing issues because of inconvenience. 

However, taking the do-it-yourself (DIY) route can cause more problems. Accordingly, it’s crucial to hire an expert plumbing contractor to address the root cause of the problem and avoid the same issue from arising sooner than expected.  

In this article, you’ll learn the four reasons to hire a licensed plumbing contractor.  

  1. In-Depth Plumbing Experience And Full-Range Services 

The main reason you would hire a plumber to resolve toilet or sewer issues is because of their years of experience. Licensed plumbing contractors have extensive training in resolving different types of plumbing issues. Hiring a reputable company can save you time, effort, and money in the long run.  

You can also benefit from the comprehensive and full range of services that a licensed plumbing contractor offers, such as a plumbing contractor in Fairfax, that you can’t find from unlicensed contractors, like the following: 

  • New plumbing installation for residential and commercial establishments 
  • 24-hour plumbing emergency repair 
  • Leaky pipe repair 
  • Drain cleaning 
  • Faucet and sink repair 
  • Sump pump repair and installation 
  • Gas line services  
  • Water heater installation and repair  
  1. Unparalleled Credentials For Expertise 

Because of unparalleled credentials, a licensed plumbing contractor is the best professional for any plumbing system issue. Before applying for a license, a plumbing contractor company should designate a qualifying worker as the plumber of record. The plumber of record must be a master plumber or a senior plumber in some states without master licenses. 

Some states require qualifying plumbers to pass the contractor exam after their license application has been approved. Plumbing companies that take on plumbing projects in several states should obtain a license in the specific state they have a project with. While some states have mutual agreements to honor plumbing licenses, these reciprocal agreements are uncommon.  

The requirements to obtain a license as a plumbing contractor vary by state. Generally, you need to find out the following credentials from your prospective plumbing contractor before starting a project: 

  • Licensed plumber information  
  • Unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance information 
  • Application fee  
  • Certificate of authority if a foreign entity 
  • General liability or bodily injury insurance  
  • Surety bond 
  • List of officers or members  
  1. Highly Regulated For Your Peace Of Mind 

Licensed plumbing contractors are highly regulated. Plumbing contractors need to renew their licenses at least on an annual basis. If a plumbing contractor cannot renew its license by the due date, the firm will become inactive. So, make sure that the license of your prospective plumbing service company is still active. An inactive license means that the company is unable to obtain a permit.  

Businesses that don’t adhere to local and state regulations while performing plumbing projects will face penalties. Civil penalties may cost thousands of dollars depending on the violation, varying from one state to another.  

In addition, some cities and states issue plumbing contractor licenses. For example, firms with plumbing projects in Chicago must apply for a city-issued license aside from the state-level plumbing contractor registration. Consequently, clients also need to ensure that the plumbing company has all the necessary licenses and permits to operate for their peace of mind. 

  1. Advanced Plumbing Equipment And Techniques  

Hiring a licensed plumbing contractor is highly recommended because they have up-to-date equipment, tools, and techniques to resolve a plumbing problem fast and easy. For instance, instead of excavating the ground to replace burst pipes, a plumbing contractor may suggest the trenchless or jointless method called cured-in-place-pipe or CIPP technology. 

CIPP doesn’t require time-consuming and messy digging. This technology is less disruptive and more cost-effective than traditional pipe repair methods. During the CIPP method, new material is inserted in the innermost liner while keeping the old, existing pipe. A CIPP liner consists of non-woven polyester felt with polyurethane exterior coating.  

With similar plumbing technologies, such as leak detection systems, homeowners and business owners can benefit from the convenience of plumbing services that a licensed plumbing contractor provides.  


Hiring a licensed plumbing contractor is best to tackle blocked drains, running toilets, and other sewer pipe issues. Licensed plumbing companies are undoubtedly experts in their field because they have the right credentials, like licenses and permits to operate legitimately. In addition, you have peace of mind dealing with licensed plumbing contractors because they have insurance and expert plumbers to handle the plumbing projects excellently.