What are several Types of Microwave Ovens?

When purchasing or replacing an oven, people often research what are the several types of microwave ovens. That’s what, today we are going to discuss in our article.

But let’s first know what the actual works of the microwaves are! This will facilitate in making the right decision while choosing the kitchen appliance for your house.   

Even if you are a regular housewife, you must know the microwaves are used only for heating food. But, regardless of heating food, the microwave is actually useful for a lot of work. 

You can cook multiple dishes, roast garlic, heat beauty products, and proof yeast in the microwave. That means a microwave is a complete package with lots of facilities. 

What are the multiple types of microwave ovens?

With the unbeatable latest technology, the microwave has become an important part of your kitchen. You perhaps find a person who has no microwave ovens in his home at modern times. 

What are the several types of microwave ovens, and how to choose the right one from them?  Let’s find out your perfect microwave with us. 

Solo microwave oven

A Solo microwave is one of the cheapest and entry level microwave ovens. If you only want to reheat the food and cook the basic food, this is the oven to choose from. 

Although the oven isn’t suitable for heating the drink, the case is not the same for the solo microwave. 


The solo microwave comes with several features, including fast cooking, quick start, and reheats the drink. But unfortunately, the microwave is not suitable for baking or making a grill. 

Surprisingly, several solo microwaves feature the child safety look so that your children stay safe. 


For lightweight food, the oven is okay to use. But you cannot enter the excess amount of food into the oven. That’s because 0.5 to 2.5 is the oven’s overall capacity, which is insufficient for most of the food. 


The countertop of your kitchen is the best location for the Solo microwave placement. But some people also place this oven under their cabinet. 

As the oven is the most suitable choice for the small-sized family; nevertheless, you might find this oven in your college dorms, office, bachelor’s flat, and at many more places. 

Power range

The faster cooking of food depends on the watt of a microwave oven. It is the watt of an oven which is used for cooking the food by converting it into heat. The higher the watt is, the faster the food will get cooked. 

The power of a domestic oven, like a solo oven, ranges from 550 to 1500 watts. But in the market, most of the quality and durable solo microwaves come with 1000 watts. 

Price range 

Based on the quality and brand, a solo microwave price ranges from $50 to $300 dollar. There are also some other factors which also play a role in differing the price of the oven. These are an oven’s features, capacity, watt, and so on. 


Grill microwave oven

By the name of the microwave, you must have understood the grill microwave uses. It is that type of oven which is specially used for cooking fast food, like fish, pizza, grill, chicken.

The food that needs to be toasted, roasted, and crispy can also use this microwave for them. 


There are no grilled foods that cannot be cooked into the grill microwave oven. But you cannot reheat food, bake or do other types of cooking with the oven. 

Although most of the microwave consumes excess power from electricity, this grill microwave needs less power. That is the unique feature of the microwave. As a consequence, the oven saves lots of energy and costs.


The grill microwave oven comes with 1 to 1.25 cubic feet watt, where 1-cubic feet means 100 watts. 


In general, the grill microwaves are mounted over the range. Regardless, you’ll also find this oven in some families and restaurants attached to the cabinet, on the countertop, etc. 

Power range

Unlike the solo microwave, the grill microwave oven’s power ranges from 900 to 1700 watts. The more you increase your budget, the more powerful the microwave you will get for your home. 

Price range 

The grill microwave is a bit costly among the other types of microwave ovens. Based on the brand, finish features, and capacity, the price ranges from $85 to $600. 

As the oven is a costly item, we almost see it in the restaurant and hotels. Still, people who are appetized about food purchase the microwave for their home. 

That’s why you often see this microwave in small apartments, dormitories, etc. 


Convection microwave oven 

With the combination of several heaters and fans, the convection microwave can cook any type of food. Regardless, you can reheat the food and beverage with the microwaves. 

Whether you want to make a grill or bake cake, it is possible with the convection microwave. That’s because this microwave includes all the features of the grill and sole microwaves. 


Why is the convection microwave so popular? Convection microwave features with the sensor of reheating, modern inverter technology, premium glass door, and so on. 

All of these features of the microwave are very useful for smart cooking. That is why convection microwave ovens are so popular. 


The capacity of the convection microwave is not that different from the grill microwave. Like the grill microwave, the convection microwave capacity also ranges from 1-2 cubic feet. 


Because of the capacity and features, the convection microwave is generally found in the restaurant. But you can also place the oven on the countertop, over the range, and built-in with your house. 

Power range

The power of the convection oven is not as important as others. It has the efficient and latest technology which is enough for generating power in it.

The convection microwave’s power varies from 800 to 1700 watt while the expensive one comes in 1600 watts. 

Price range 

Because of including the latest technology and features, the prices of conventional microwaves are comparatively high. The price of the oven ranges from $800 to $2000. 

How to choose the best microwave oven?

For your kitchen, you cannot avoid the importance of a microwave oven in modern times. Possibly, that’s why it is rare to find a house or restaurant without a microwave. 

Now, how to choose the best microwave oven for your house or restaurant? As it’s an electronic appliance and a long time investment, you must think a lot before purchasing it. Let’s see what the factors you must consider are. 

The capacity of the microwave

When you are determining which size of microwave is perfect, you must look over your family size.  A full-sized microwave is a perfect choice for a family with 4 members. 

The capacity of a full-sized microwave ranges from 1.5 to 2.2 cubic feet.  

Conversely, a compact or midsize microwave is sufficient for a couple or small-sized family. The compact-sized microwave ranges from 0.5-0.8 cubic feet, and the mid-sized one is 0.9-1.3 cubic feet.

Furthermore, the microwave with 1.4 to 1.8 cubic feet is ideal for commercial places like restaurants. 

Look for the cooking power.

The cooking power, watt determines how faster your microwave will cook for you. Choose the higher wattage microwave within your budget to ensure faster cooking. 

Consider the placement 

Where are you going to place the oven in your house? Is it over the range, countertop, or do you want a built-in microwave oven with your house? 

Choose the microwave, which can be adjusted anywhere in your home and restaurant. 

Maintain your budget

While you go to purchase a microwave in the market, you will get a versatile option to choose from. With the variety of options, you mustn’t forget about the budget you have predetermined. 

However, we don’t recommend maintaining your budget strictly. Always take some extra money in your pocket to get the quality appliance. 

Fortunately, the price for most of the quality microwave ovens ranges from $70 to $500 dollar. Based on your oven requirements, you can choose the ideal microwave oven within this price range. 

Return policy

Whether purchasing a microwave online or offline, consider those deals that offer a replacement and maintenance policy. 

In general, the well-reputed companies offer a 14-day return policy plus free servicing for several months. 

Read the reviews

Needless to say, how important is the reviews and recommendation for a kitchen appliance. Particularly, when purchasing the appliance online, there are no alternatives of overviewing its previous ratings and reviews. 

Go to amazon and get an idea about a product from the reviews of its previous customers. 

Features of the oven 

A microwave can simplify your cooking process with its special cooking buttons, defrosting, and so on. So, when purchasing, select those ovens which come with these. 

Regardless, if you see, some ovens also come with child safety. Some also consume less power and hence, save the cost of electricity. 

Wouldn’t it be better to get the oven, including these features, and comes within your budget? 

Get the turntable oven with a metal rack. 

Usually, the microwave comes with a turntable dish, which is essential to cook the food evenly. But you mightn’t find the metal rack in all the microwave oven. 

Therefore, you must consider both of these materials when purchasing an oven for yourself. 

Wrapping up

The modern century is the century of advanced technology. The microwave oven is a crucial part of advanced technology when you think about purchasing a kitchen appliance. 

To purchase the best microwave of this century, you must know the several types of microwave ovens.