Top Five Advantages To Downloading A Mobile Sports Betting App

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In our on the go society, we grow increasingly dependent upon our mobile devices more with each passing day. They have become our frequent lifeline during the daily routine. Estimates are that worldwide, 44 percent of all people own a smartphone. In the United States, that number jumps up to 74 percent. We shop with them, entertain ourselves with them and order food via smartphone.

Were you aware that you can also bet with them? Mobile sports betting apps are among the most advanced apps out there today. All of the best sports books offer a mobile app, and those sites are anxious for customers to download that app into their smartphone. These devices are designed with cutting-edge technology and offer the latest in bells and whistles. They’re intuitive, easy to operate and work with lightning-quick speed.

Should you go ahead and download a mobile sports betting app into your mobile device of choice? Well, if you are someone who likes to bet and lives life on the move, it seems like the natural thing to do. But if you need more convincing, then read on to learn the top five advantages to downloading a mobile sports betting app.

Licenses Owned.

Licenses Owned.


Projections are that before long, eight out of every 10 bets placed on a sporting event will be played via a mobile device of some sort. That being the case, the top sports betting sites are constantly striving to improve the mobile experience that they offer to their customers. The quality you’ll get from their site on a mobile device will be no less than what they would anticipate being able to do from a laptop or desktop computer. 

Bovada, for instance, enables new players to sign up and open an account via their mobile device. This betting site is among those that also permits players to make deposits and take out withdrawals from their account on their smartphone. Bet Online offers all of these perks and also provides a QR code on their desktop site that you can scan to quickly enter their mobile site.

There are other elements to the mobile sports betting experience that will prove convenient to the user. Suppose you don’t like to place your wager until right before game time, to see what the final odds will be before the action gets underway. With a mobile app, you can be certain that this opportunity will be available to you no matter where you are during your day. There’s no longer any reason to be stapled to a chair in front of a laptop or desktop computer while waiting to make that wager. Get on with your day, do what needs to be done. When it’s time to place that wager, all you need to do so can be held right there in your hand.

With the ready availability of a WiFi signal just about everywhere you go these days, there’s no need to worry about being able to access your mobile app.

Live Betting

The hottest trend in the sports wagering industry is live betting. These are bets made on the action as it plays out during the game. It could be a bet on who will score the next touchdown, or hit the next home run.

Live betting was made with mobile devices in mind. It’s quick-paced, immediate gratification action. And if one wager doesn’t pan out, another is just seconds away from appearing. 

Licenses Owned.

Licenses Owned.

Live Streaming

In combination with live betting, all of the leading online sports betting sites now offer live streaming on their mobile apps for all of the games upon which they offer action. It’s a natural pairing. After all, how can you live bet on a game that you can’t watch?

The additional beauty of live streaming is that it guarantees no matter where you are, you can be watching the game.


Who doesn’t like to hear the words “no charge” when they acquire something new? Well, that’s the case for any mobile sports betting app you opt to go with as your app of choice. They are always free to download.

These mobile apps are compatible with all types of operating systems. Generally, you’ll find an easy one-click option to begin the downloading process prominently placed on the betting site’s web page.

Mobile Only Bonus Offers

Some betting sites will provide new users with a promotional bonus offer when they opt to download their mobile app. 

For example, BetOnline is currently offering a $50 free play bonus when players opt to bet with their mobile site.