Top 6 Gameboy Color (GBC) Games You Must Play

Gameboy Color

Released as a puzzle and action video game in August 23, 2000, it was created for Game Boy Color portable console by HAL Laboratory. On, it was released in Japan. Kirby wakes up when a Specie known as Waddle Dee passes by, holding a circular pinball lookalike buffer, the game starts.

To control Kirby, the video game uses a series of tools known as accelerometers. The purpose of the video game is that the players has lead Kirby within the fixed time to the target of the level which can be done by tilting the console in the course in which the players need to progress him.

The video game orbits around the compilation of the many stars spread around the levels. The players have to capture every red star found in the different levels in order to beat the game entirely. Dong it will release the extra realms, where versions are much harder, and players begin with a smaller amount of time.

Perfect Dark (Game Boy Color)

It is an adventure video game developed by Rare and published in 2000 for the portable Game Boy Color console. The game follows investigator Joanna Dark as she finishes her research center training at the Carrington Institute. The gameplay focuses on shooting enemies and accomplishing goals including saving hostages or retrieving objects.

The game also has a multiplayer mode where in many death match games, two players can compete against each other. A collection of challenges will have to be completed by the protagonist. This involve the use of stealth, in which by creeping up behind them without causing noise like running or reloading weapons, the player is forced to destroy opponents.

The single-player campaign of the video game is broken into multiple activities that the player must accomplish when battling opponents and reaching goals. The video game also features a multiplayer mode in which two players can participate in four different modes of death match.

Resident Evil Gaiden

It is an action-adventure game released on December 14, 2001, co-developed by Capcom for the Game Boy Color console. The video game has three player characters and consists of exploring locations in the process, finding items and battling enemies.

It launches an underground group created to bring an end to Umbrella, the corporation blamed for the Raccoon City disaster global activities. In comparison to previous entries in the game, Resident Evil Gaiden assumes a top-down viewpoint for parts of the world that switches to a first-person battle mode when facing an opponent with a reticulum continuously rotating to the left and right.

The tale revolves around a viral epidemic on a passenger ship, and the characters are Leon S. Kennedy and Barry Burton. The player must push the action button to attack, while the reticle is in the enemy’s range. If you are playing different modes of Resident Evil, then you can download Resident Evil Zero ROM. It’s one of the best action packed game in my list.

Driver (video game)

Driver: You Are the Wheelman is the first installment of the Driver video game series, and is an action driving video game. On 25 June 1999, it was released. The video game follows John Tanner a New York Police Department officer and an ex- race car driver, and has taken up a secret identity to discover the motives of a Castaldi-led crime syndicate by his boss, Lieutenant McKenzie.

Four cities are playing the game: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, every one of which remains simply somewhat authentic to the real layout of the city. When the video game was initially released, the game was noteworthy to the degree that the players were capable of experiencing every city which was set in an open world environment. The controls of the video game and the damage that the car received are displayed on the screen along with the city map.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

It was released in 1993 and is an action-adventure game designed and released for Game Boy by Nintendo. It is the fourth part of the series. Link, the protagonist, starts the video game trapped on an Island known as Koholint.

The player whilst looking for eight musical tools that are made to wake up the dormant Wind Fish and permit the protagonist to run away from the island, the player fights monsters and solves puzzles.

The video game consists of boss fights and each fight increases in difficulty level. Progress wins the player heart containers that maximize the amount of damage the character of the player can survive.

Harvest Moon GB

The video game was released in December 31st, 1998, the player is able to choose whether to play as a girl or a boy before starting, and call themselves. The player’s deceased grandfather meets them at the beginning of the game as a ghost and asks them to take over his farm.

To achieve this goal, the player must establish his farm by growing and selling crops and raising livestock. Various seeds may be sown during various seasons, but any seed sown after the stated season will not sprout.

Crops are the main source of income. As a pet, either a dog or a cat may be chosen. Wild dogs will not attack chickens if a cat is chosen. In Harvest Moon GB, there are a wide variety of tools. The tools available at the beginning of the video game are the axe, hammer, hoe, watering can etc. I hope you liked this article. Also, you can check more GBA games in