The best type of curtains for bedrooms

The best type of curtains for bedrooms

Whenever it comes to selecting curtains for a bedroom, there are several elements to take into consideration in addition to their appearance. The decisions you make regarding the decoration of your bedroom can have an effect on your quality of sleep, which in turn can affect your health and wellbeing. 

Studies have shown that light is the external factor that has the greatest impact on one’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Now you must be thinking, what does light filtering curtains mean? This highlights the significance of having curtains in the bedroom to ensure a restful evening. 

  • Choosing the Most Appropriate Material 

Begin your search for new curtains for your bedroom by considering the material, with cotton being the most typical choice. Cotton is a material that is not only lightweight but also breathable & simple to care for. If you value convenience more than anything else, go with a cloth that can be washed in a machine. On the other hand, if you want to give off an air of luxury, you might think about selecting a fabric that is weightier and more luxurious. Silk and other textured textiles are wonderful options to consider. “Silk is translucent, giving an appearance that is both airy and elegant. Although, it is harder to care for and is now on the more expensive side. Silk will reveal water and UV damage sooner than other textiles, so it’s vital to keep this in mind while you’re out shopping for silk clothing. 

Of course, using velvet for the curtains in the bedroom is one of the most elegant design ideas. Because velvet is dense and heavy, it is a good insulator for windows, particularly against the cold drafts and hot summer days. It’s perfect for late sleepers or bedrooms with direct sunlight. It’s ideal for late travellers or rooms with direct sunlight. Be cautioned, however, that this style of drape requires more maintenance than others because velvet is prone to collecting dust, even though it provides excellent seclusion. 

Choose polyester if you’re searching for a style that’s just as easy on your wallet as it is on your eyes. Polyester is an extremely versatile material. Polyester is wonderful for first-time homebuyers because it is easy on the wallet, requires little upkeep, and is a durable material. However, the material can catch fire and is quite good at soaking up scents. It may sound like a con, but your room is among the areas in your home that is least likely to have an open flame or strong scents, in contrast to, say, your kitchen. 

Linen is believed to limit the growth of bacteria and fungi and is recognized to be environmentally friendly. If you prefer a lighter, more environmentally friendly style in your bedroom, consider opting for linen curtains. This is an excellent alternative to have if your bedroom tends to be on the damper side. The only drawbacks are? Not only is it more expensive than cotton, but it also creases more easily. 

  • Think About the Colors and the Patterns. 

You should think about what colours will enhance your room. Cool-toned colours generally work well when paired with other cool-toned hues, and the opposite is also true. If your bedroom is always bathed in sunlight, with time, natural light will cause colours to become less vibrant. The best way to consider them is as pieces of wall art. When completely drawn, a patterned curtain can have the same impression as a work of art; thus, keep this in mind when making your choices.

  • Headers are vital

Curtain headers come in a variety of styles and can be used to give your window coverings a more three-dimensional appearance. Beginning with pinch pleats, the available various styles. This is a time-honoured style that works beautifully in bedrooms decorated in a traditional or opulent style. You may also use grommets. This header contains metal rings affixed to the top of the cloth that the rods are then placed into. Grommets are a popular alternative. Gathers are the third possible outcome of this scenario. This header style is a conventional gather that has pleats at the top of the curtain that is not specified in any way. It has a less formal appearance, and it works well with windows that aren’t that big. 


Curtains not only help to unify a space, but they also have the potential to affect our circadian rhythm. This is the natural cycle that our bodies follow to determine when it is appropriate to lay our heads down for the night. We have provided you with a step-by-step guide that breaks down the procedure for you based on the type of cloth, colour, and style, among other factors.