Roof Damage from the Sun

Roof Damage from the Sun

The sun is a major factor in Florida. One of the main reasons contractors are called to Florida is because the roof has been damaged by the sun. Over time, roofing materials will become damaged as they are exposed to elements. Even the most durable materials need maintenance. Some roofing materials can perform better in heat and sunlight. You can save money by choosing a roofing material that performs better under the sun. Here are the top roofing materials, and how they respond to the sun.

Metal Roof Materials

Metal roofs are often quite good in the sun because they are made from layers of galvanized metal that are then coated with polymer. Metal roofing systems can withstand extreme sunlight for up to fifty years if they have access to cooling roofing layers.

Shingle Roofs

Asphalt is a waterproof binder that can also absorb UV rays. Asphalt shingles are now better able to absorb UV rays. Manufacturers also use different coatings that protect the asphalt shingle over the years. Asphalt shingles lose granules as they age, which can reduce the UV absorption of a single shingle. Asphalt can become brittle if it is exposed to UV radiation. Recognizing the signs early will help you to prevent serious issues with your roof.

Tile Roof

Ceramic tile roofs can be a great way to manage heat and sunlight. Clay tile is very stable and can withstand heat better than any other material. The curved shape allows air to circulate beneath the roofing materials, which leads to a cooler interior and less air heating up the tiles.

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