Nada Bashir Biography, Age, Net Worth and Career

Nada Bashir Biography
Nada Bashir Biography, Age, Net Worth and Career

If you have an interest in journalism, you might know Nada Bashir for her significant presence as an on-air international reporter. She is one of the most influential reporters and produced many breaking news stories .

Journalism is a challenging and risky job. Especially if you work in a hostile environment. But the work can be quite rewarding as you provide the most exclusive and rare sight of human life. Nada Bashir is doing that job excellently and exceeding expectations as well.

Nada Bashir started to gain attention after she got nominated for the Emmys. She also got selected for the 30 to watch under 30 award as a young journalist in 2022. She already has worked with great journalists like Nie Robertson, Ben Wedenar and Nima Elbagir. No wonder many young journalists look up to her. She is setting new milestones every day.

In her small 4 years journey as a journalist, she has already gathered many experiences of working in difficult situations. She not only worked in war zones. She has experience working with UK citizens, on fashion weeks and with people of different cultures as well. Her enthusiasm and progress will surprise you. She is constantly traveling around the world and getting new reports and information. If you want to keep track of the work areas you might not be able to do that.

Basic Info

Nada Bashir is quite a private person and distinguishes between her professional and personal life successfully. There is nothing much found about her family and companions. She has spent most of her childhood and youth in London, UK. She lived and studied there.

There is nothing much known about Nada’s parents and family. Depending on her Arabic name, it is guessed that she comes from Arabic origin. None of her family members are active on social media. Even if they are, they may prefer keeping a low profile so we didn’t catch much on our radar.

Nada Bashir is skilled in writing, creative video production, and radio broadcasting. She is a genius individual. She loves to read and research. She is bilingual. Her fluency in English and Arabic helped her to connect with people. With her hard work, she has already solidified her position as a reporter.

Quick Facts and Information

Full Name / Real NameNada Bashir
Birthday / Date of Birth1965
AgeMid 20
Born CountryUk(probably)
ProfessionJournalist and Producer
Current WorkplaceColumbia News Network


The entire education of Nada Bashir is in London, UK. She started her primary education near her home and continued to show excellent results throughout her student life. Nada Bashir started her Secondary Education at Fulham Cross Girls’ School in 2009 and then transferred to Godolphin and Latymer School for Girls in 2014. In 2015, she again transferred to the School Of Oriental And African Studies. There she learned Arabic which helped her greatly in her profession. 

She started her bachelor of arts degree in politics in 2014 in the university college London and gained her degree in September 2017. Her bachelor’s research topic was “Soviet foreign policy in the Middle East”. She showed quite potential and interest in international politics during her studies and continued to pursue her interest through her master’s degree. 

She completed her Masters’s in global politics from the London School of Economics and Political Studies and got her degree in December 2020. When many people wear stuck due to the pandemic, she continued to break through barriers and continued working and studying at the same time.

Education(College/University)London School of Economics and Political Science, 2018 – 2020University College London, 2014 – 2017, School Of Oriental And African Studies, 2015 – 2016Godolphin and Latymer School for Girls, 2014Fulham Cross Girls’ School, 2009 – 2012

Professional Life

Nada Bashir Biography, Age, Net Worth and Career

Nada Bashir started her professional journey by joining CNN in 2018. She started her career as a news desk intern right after completing her bachelor’s in politics. She showed her interest in working at the newsdesk even before her graduation through social media. So, the internship was a great opportunity and the first step toward her dream coming true. 

The internship started in January 2018 and ended in April 2018. After that, she was promoted to a freelance producer. She continued as one till November 2020. Then she got the position of producer in November 2020. She took her career another step ahead after starting to work as an international reporter starting March 2022. At present(October 2023), she is working at the Paris office of CNN as an international reporter.

Her professional career is not very long. Within her short professional life, Nada Bashir has already made her name as a prospectus journalist. She is a great inspiration for all young journalists. She has made it through the top tier within four years of her professional journey and already made a name for herself. 

She has worked in Yemen, Lebanon, UAE, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Nada is a specialist to work in war-like and hostile environments. But she has also worked on some fun projects like London Fashion Week. her expertise and experience are vast and wide which amazes people every day. She is already pairing with experienced professionals and exceeding herself. It will be difficult for any new journalist to reach the milestone she is setting. Especially at her age.

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

As Nada Bashir is still a sprouting seed in the professional world. She has not gained a huge net worth and that is not publicly known. But she has already shown her possibility to shine.

Though she is not very active on social media, her social media accounts are the most common places to get information about her unless you are personally connected with her. Nada is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can connect and follow her through these platforms. She does not have a personal website yet. We will not delay to update this bio as soon as she announces her website.

Contact InfoEmail: [email protected]
Social Media AccountsLinkedIn: