Jesse James West Net Worth- Famous Fitness YouTuber

Jesse James West Net Worth
Jesse James West Net Worth

Jesse James Wes is the face of one of the fastest-rising fitness channels on YouTube. He started his YouTube career in 2016 and the earliest video he has on his channel is from June 2016. At the time, he was only 16 years old. Today after 6 years, his channel has grown to 1.85 million subscribers and 290,388,989 video views in total.

His channel is on the trajectory of rapid growth. His net worth stands at close to $3 million in 2022. Aside from YouTube, he has a good following on TikTok & Instagram as well. He also has launched his own fitness program which is a good source of revenue.

Jesse’s entrepreneurial mindset and hard work have made him so successful at such a young age. Let’s divulge deeper into his life and career.  

Jesse James West Biography

There isn’t a whole lot that is known to the public about Jesse James’ early life. But we will spill every last drop of the tea here. 

Jesse was born in Sparta, New Jersey on January 25, 2000. West was always a physically active kid who loved playing sports. He aspired to become a professional athlete and played lacrosse throughout high school. His passion for fitness was always there even in childhood. That’s why he started going to the gym at the age of 11. 

On the other hand, West also got exposed to the practicalities of life earlier than most people. Because of his family’s limited financial resources, he also had to start working at the very early age of 12. His father had ingrained in him the value of hard work and encouraged him on a path of growth. The self-discipline he cultivated since childhood is a huge motivator for his early success.

But those who have watched his videos know that Jesse is far from the serious type. He loves having fun, being the center of attention, and trying on whacky challenges that make for pretty exciting content. 


Full NameJesse James West
Pet NameJazz
Date of Birth25 January, 2000
BirthplaceSparta, New Jersey, USA
HometownSparta, New Jersey, USA
Height5’ 10” (177 cm)
Weight80 kg/176 lb.
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark brown
Body MeasurementsBioceps: 20”Chest: 42”Waist: 32”
Educational QualificationHigh School graduate 
Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendClaudia Walsh
Tik Tok

Personal Life & Family

Jesse hardly shares any content featuring his family. Even though he is from New Jersey, he has since moved to LA and has bought a beautiful house in Miami, Florida. So, he usually doesn’t go back home that much which is why there isn’t a lot that is known about his family. 

However, Jesse’s girlfriend is all over his socials and YouTube videos. He has been dating Claudia Walsh for a little over a year now. The Walsh siblings are all famous on YouTube and have a large social media following. Claudia also does a lot of videos with Jesse on her channel.

Recently, Jesse uploaded a video to YouTube where Claudia accompanies him to his cousin’s wedding. We get a rare glimpse of Jesse’s family in that Vlog. Watch the video below to see if Claudia is ready to marry Jesse  yet.

Jesse’s Family MembersName
FatherJohn West
MotherKaren West 
Sibling Chris West

Jesse James West YouTube Stats

Currently Jesse’s account is growing at a staggering rate. His total subscribers are 1.85 million. His subscribers grow 2.66K on average per day, which stands at +18.6K subscribers per week. 

Total views on his YouTube channel  is currently 300 million. He is getting 590,345 views daily and 4,132,415 views per week. These rates are most likely to rise up as his channel grows as there’s a compounding effect to YouTube.

His ongoing collaboration and romantic involvement with another successful YouTuber is creating a greater interest in his content. Primarily, most of his videos are Vlogs, nutrition videos, what I eat in a day, etc. One of his most famous series that has earned him a lot of views is Asking Girls… where he asks girls about their views on what is more attractive in a man. 

He also has 69k followers on instagram and 457k followers on Tik Tok. 

Jesse James West Net Worth

Jesse James West Net Worth

In 2016, after sharing his fitness journey on social media, Jesse got enough appreciation and engagement to motivate him to launch a YouTube video. After 6 years of hard work and an average of 3 weekly videos, Jesse has garnered 1.8 million subscriptions on YouTube. 

He has launched his website where you can get a customized fitness plan, and buy merch and other products that sponsor Jesse. With YouTube fame, Jesse has turned into an entrepreneur that knows how to leverage his massive following for cashing in big bucks. 

Overall, his net worth now stands at $3 million. Here’s a table to show his growing net worth through the years.

Jesse James West Net Worth 2018$1 million
Jesse James West Net Worth 2019$1.8  million
Jesse James West Net Worth 2020$2  million
Jesse James West Net Worth 2021$2.5million
Jesse James West Net Worth 2022$3 million


Jesse’s main goal is to help people on their fitness journey by providing them the information they need to transform their body into the shapes that they want. Young people can relate with the type of content he creates and his over-the-top energy.

He is most likely to keep on growing and getting more engagement on his different platforms. In the past four years, his net worth has grown 3 times. As his success and reach increases, you will see Jesse collaborating with other fitness content creators and personalities that have made it big in the industry.

At just 22, Jesse has now made multiple millions. There’s lots more that we can learn from him other than just fitness and nutrition.