How To Start A Zorb Ball Business

How To Start A Zorb Ball Business

Zorb Ball is a giant ball that is made from PVC material and it can accommodate one or two person in it. It basically looks like an oversize hamster ball for humans and is inflated with air using a commercial pump so that the ball can bounce. The zorb ball features one or two openings that allow the person to get inside and out of the zorb.  Some zorb balls has harnesses and straps to secure the person in position, while some does not and the person can walk freely inside or to be tossed around when the ball moves. Zorb balls can be used on grass, water, snow and ice.

What Can Zorb ball be done

The game activity using zorb ball to roll is called zorbing, orbing or globe-riding. Zorbing is mostly done on the slope for ultimate fun.  It can also be performed on flat lands for more control. If there are no slopes available, ramps can also be built. Zorb balls can also be done on water and this activity is known as water walking or aqua zorbing.  Many people who want some adventurous and thrilling game can have fun rolling in the huge transparent balls.  Usually, zorbing is used in theme parks, aquatic parks, skiing parks and other tourist spots.

There are all sorts of fun games being designed by creative people using zorb balls such as Zorb Soccer, Water Zorbing, Zorb Sumo Wrestling and more. With many videos on social media on zorbing, its popularity is gaining traction all over the world. Zorbing is starting to become more of a pop culture phenomenon. In this time of the pandemic, zorbing is the perfect social distancing activity. This is because this activity is carried out in the open air and the rider is encased in a giant ball without getting close to anyone.

Fun Experiences With Zorb ball

There are many zorbing businesses due to the high demand for this extreme sports activity. This type of business offers energetic and fun experiences that are ideal for many occasions.  Some of these occasions include birthday parties, team building, corporate fun days, family events & festivals, charity fundraising, school events & funfair, wedding entertainment, Bachelor/Bachelorette dos and so much more. Zorbing can be a great exercise workout too as many fitness instructors have begun to introduce Zorb balls in their workout routines. So it is not only great fun, but it is also a great way of keeping fit too.  With borders reopening, the prospect of this adventure tourism business is great.

Several Things You Have To Know When Build Zorb Business

Zorb ball business is a simple investment where one can make a lot of money. By using different kinds of balls and setting up an area for sports and amusement are really beneficial for new businesses looking for instant investment. The zorb ball craze is the next big thing and if you would like to jump into the zorbing business bandwagon, there are several things that you may want to do to build your business.

Decide what kind of zorb ball business you want to go into. Like any sport, it has its own varieties – from land and water zorbing, body zorbing, zorb bowling and more. As such different types of balls are used. Besides zorbing, bubble soccer is another popular game using zorb balls. The bubble soccer players wear large, inflated bubbles over the top half of their bodies, leaving their legs free to kick the ball. This is a unique sport and offers hours of fun.

One question that often pops up is how much are zorb balls? The prices range between $300 to $2000 and each one is based on the different dimensions and types. Remember to work out a budget and stick to it.

The next important step is to work with reputable and trustworthy zorb ball suppliers to ensure that you get the best wholesale prices and also the assistance you need if the zorb balls need to be replaced or repaired. Find a supplier that offers a wide range of high-quality products that are produced according to stringent manufacturing and safety standards. It is important to find the best zorbing products for a safe operation. One such company that have these qualities is Kameymall, a leading online retail platform that offers a huge array of outdoor sports products like zorb balls and air track mat that can help entrepreneurs to set up their own zorb ball business. Besides these, they also have apparel, home furnishings, beauty and health, jewelry and more products on their website. Kameymall’s range of products is affordably priced and they work with all budgets to meet their customer needs.

Create an online presence so that you can post updates and photos about your business and show prospective customers what zorbing experience is like.  This will also help you to attract a loyal following. You may also want to reach out to your local community to spark some interest.

So if you want to start the ball rolling, check out Kameymall now. They have everything you need to start your zorbing business.