10 Questions to Ask a Painter Before Hiring Them

There are now over 379,500 painters across the US. Before you hire someone to work on your home or commercial building, vet your options. Otherwise, you might end up with an inexperienced, unprofessional painter.

They could do more harm than good.

Instead, use these 10 questions to ask a painter before hiring them. By asking these questions, you can narrow down your options. You’ll have peace of mind in your choice.

Then, you can receive top-notch services and watch your painting project come to life!

Don’t hire the cheapest painting contractor you find. Instead, learn how to choose a painter by using these tips today.

1. How Long Have You Worked in the Industry?

Before hiring anyone to work on your property, make sure they’re an experienced professional. Ask each painting contractor how long they’ve worked in the industry.

You can visit the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) listing to learn more about their work history. How many years of experience does the owner have in the industry?

An experienced team will likely have worked out the kinks in their business operations. In that time, they’ve likely earned the respect of locals, too. These businesses have also outlasted competitors in the area.

If you choose a new business, however, you could come across problems.

These businesses are still working out day-to-day issues. They could use you as a guinea pig when working out those issues. They might make costly mistakes while working on your painting project.

An established business will also have an established professional reputation. You’ll have an easier time learning about a long-run company.

A new business, on the other hand, might struggle to provide you with references.

When learning how to hire a painter, look for someone with years of experience. They’ll have the expertise needed to help you with your project.

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2. Are You Insured, Licensed, and Bonded?

Before hiring a painting contractor, make sure they have the proper paperwork.

Painting contractors usually have two types of insurance.

Comprehensive business liability insurance protects your property from damages the contractor causes. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they’ll cover any necessary repairs.

Worker’s compensation insurance, on the other hand, protects you and the workers while they work on your home. If someone is injured on the job, they won’t hold you liable. Instead, the insurance will cover their medical bills and other costs.

Look for painting companies that have both forms of insurance. Otherwise, the business could hold you liable in the case of an incident. You can call the contractor’s insurance carrier to make sure the policy is active.

Make sure the company is licensed as well. Their license indicates the contractor has met specific qualifications. These painters are authorized to work in your area.

Finally, make sure the company is bonded. Bonding protects you if something goes wrong during the project.

Finding a painting contractor with these documents will give you peace of mind.

3. Do You Hire Subcontractors?

As you work through this list of questions to ask a painter, don’t forget to ask about their team. Do they hire subcontractors or employees?

It’s important to know who will work on your property before you hire them.

Subcontractors are usually paid a flat fee. It’s cheaper for painting companies to hire contractors than employees. There are some risks involved with hiring subcontractors.

For example, you might find out the subcontractor lacks the necessary experience for the project. Some painting companies fail to run background checks on their subcontractors, too. Some subcontractors cut corners during a project, leaving you with disappointing results.

Make sure the painting company performs strict oversight for the project if they hire subcontractors.

4. What Kind of Training Do Your Employees Receive?

Take the time to ask each painting contractor about their employees, too. Even if the company hires employees, there’s no guarantee they’re trained. You’ll want to make sure you have the best possible team on your project.

Ask about the team’s training. Does the company conduct training in-house? How often do they complete these training sessions?

Ask if they use trade associations to stay up-to-date with new materials and techniques, too. For example, they might use the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America.

A trained team is less likely to make mistakes while working on your property. Their training can assure a high-quality outcome, too. They’ll likely get the project done in a timely manner as a result.

5. What Kind of Materials Do You Use?

As you work through these questions to ask a painter, don’t forget to consider their materials. The type of paint they use can impact the project’s outcome. It can also impact how long the paint lasts.

Many different types of paint produce different looks. You might want a specialized coating for a specific application.

Ask each painting contractor about the paint they use. Do they use paints with more expensive ingredients? These paints might last longer and look better.

What kind of calk do they use? The quality of calk could impact its lifespan.

It’s important to use the best materials for your project. Otherwise, you might not get what you pay for. The contractor might use cheap materials to make more money from your project.

6. Do You Have a Safety Program?

Look for painting companies that provide safety training for their employees, too. Even if the contractor has insurance, training can minimize potential accidents. Otherwise, these incidents could cause delays or halt your project.

Unsafe work practices could damage your property as well.

Instead, ask about the team’s safety protocol. Do they conduct regular safety training sessions? Ask if they have a written safety policy manual you can look at, too.

7. Can You Send References?

About 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Meanwhile, over 90% read reviews of local businesses to determine their quality. When searching for painting services, you can, too!

Ask each painting contractor for at least three references. Make sure these references hired the painting company recently. Otherwise, they might provide you with out-of-date information.

Ask each person you speak with about their experience. Were they satisfied with the outcome of their project? Would they suggest you hire a different painting contractor instead?

Was the painting company on time? Were they good at communicating?

Try to ask specific questions about each project. If the reference seems hesitant, scratch them off your list. There’s a chance the painter had you speak with a relative or friend instead of a client.

When you receive the company’s reference list, you should also ask:

  • How old or new are these references?
  • Do you have permission to use these names as references?
  • How do you determine who is on the list?
  • How do you compile your references?

Don’t stop there. Visit the company’s BBB and Google My Business listing, too.

Companies hand-pick the references they use. Heading online to find reviews can help you get a non-biased look into the business.

If the company has a bad reputation, scratch them off your list.

8. How Long Is Your Warranty?

Once you hire someone for their painting services, you’ll want an assurance that they’ll offer the best services possible. Ask each painting contractor about their guarantee or warranty.

Some businesses offer unrealistic “lifetime” warranties. Most of these companies will go out of business before the warranty expires. Instead, look for businesses with realistic two-year warranties.

It’s okay if you find a business that offers a one-year warranty. However, you might not notice paint issues until year two or three. Be sure to read the fine print before signing.

What does the warranty cover? Look for a warranty that provides both materials and labor to cover the defect.

Some paint manufacturers offer longer warranties on their products, too. However, these warranties will only cover the replacement of their materials.

Don’t forget to look into exclusions as well.

Make sure to get any details in writing.

9. Are You a Member of a Trade Association?

Members of the local chamber of commerce of trade associations are likely committed to their trade. Look for businesses that are members of the BBB.

BBB membership requires an annual fee. You can feel more confident in the company’s service record if they’re a member.

Companies that are members of community organizations likely care about the community. These companies are often more stable.

Companies that are members of trade associations are likely committed to delivering the highest quality services, too.

10. Can You Give Me a Timeframe and Quote?

Painters make a median salary of $40,280. You don’t want to hire the cheapest painting contractor available, though. Instead, ask at least three options for a quote.

Ask what’s included in the quote. The time of year, materials, and size of the project can all impact the cost.

How long will the project take? When can the team get started?

Keep these factors in mind before hiring a contractor.

Find the Best in the Business: 10 Questions to Ask a Painter

Remember, you don’t want to hire the cheapest painting contractor you find online. Instead, gather these questions to ask a painter. By asking these questions, you can narrow down your options.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve hired the best in the business.

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