Eedtransmission HRC Coupling Features and Applications

Eedtransmission HRC Coupling Features and Applications

Essentially HRC Couplings are general purpose couplings designed with a flexible element that is capable of accommodating higher degrees of misalignment. An HRC Coupling is best suited for machinery driven by standard motors.

The couplings are made of double cast-iron halves attached to shafts by either bushes or flanges. Located between these two halves is a flexible rubber “spider” serving as a shock absorber.

Eedtransmission HRC Coupling Features and Applications

The high-quality HRC rubber coupling from Eedtransmission can be employed on shafts with 90mm bore taper bushes or shafts up to 130mm if these are bored through with keyway. Based on their superior design, HRC Couplings are capable of accommodating larger shafts making them a more economical option. HRC Couplings allow for both limited (0.5mm) parallel misalignment and 1.5mm axial misalignment.

HRC Rubber Coupling Key Features

HRC Couplings are designed to cope with a relatively higher load carrying capacities. They can also dampen moderate shock vibration and loads. Thanks to their flexibility, HRC rubber coupling can effectively absorb impacts, noses, and rotary vibrations. Not only can they accommodate incidental misalignment but are virtually maintenance-free.

The HRC coupling brings together the remarkable features of flexible couplings and benefits of the taper bush system such as easy and fast installation to give a torsionally flexible connection between shafts that also eliminates shaft alignment errors.

Among the key features of HRC coupling include:

  • High quality HRC rubber coupling
  • Cost effective performance solution
  • High-speed capability
  • Relatively high-load carrying capacity
  • Accommodates moderate and incidental misalignment
  • Accommodates shock loads and vibration levels
  • Easy to install interlocking design and virtually maintenance-free

HRC Coupling Applications

HRC couplings are a perfect choice for those applications that involve rotating shafts and electric motors. They are simple and straightforward fittings, easy to align because of their tapered locking bush features.

The rubber coupling are suitable for use in an extensive range of mechanical constructions that rely on shaft connections between motors and machine. The rubber couplings are semi-elastic designed to accommodate some limited measure of misalignment. They generally provide good performance at a cost-effective price.

With the Eedtransmission HR couplings, you can use simple straight edge methods to align the couplings as they come with fully machined diameters. The shaft connection is designed to be “fail-safe” and is designed to last.

If you are working with reciprocating machines or applications which experience substantial vibration, shock, and torque fluctuation such as piston-type pumps, internal combustion engines, and compressors, consult Eedtransmission for torsional analysis and recommendations. We have you covered.


The HRC rubber coupling is a mechanical breakthrough that combines a flexible element to give a torsionally flexible connection between shafts. They permit easy and quick installation through taper lock bushes supports quick alignment. The semi-elastic nature of HRC coupling makes them ideal for electric motors.

If you are unsure of your application needs or want more information, the experienced and able staff at Eedtransmission are keen to offer a helping hand. Our experienced HR coupling specialists always offer practical solutions to your engineering problems whenever you reach out.