Dr. Richard Tan Biography, His Contribution And Net Professional Success

Dr. Richard Tan Biography

To release pain and get rid of long-term discomfort, acupuncture is the best way to treat it. And if you are looking for one of the best acupuncture practitioners, you must have heard the name of Dr. Richard Tan. Though he has already passed away, his work still keeps inspiring others.

Dr. Richard Tan is one of the legends of Chinese medicine. He has contributed a lot through his extraordinary career to the Asian Medicine Community. His skill in the balance method has gained almost 85% accuracy and cubed numerous patients.

Basic Info

Dr. Richard tan was quite a private person. There is nothing much known about this Taiwanese doctor. We have tried to gather information and give you a thorough insight into his life and works here.

Full NameDr. Richard Tei Fu Tan
Death DateJanuary 2016
Born CountryTaiwan
Professionmaster of Acupuncture
EducationMasters degree in Systems Engineering
Marital StatusMarried
LanguagesChinese, English, German, French


Dr. Richard Tan Biography

Dr. Richard Tan was not only knowledgeable about acupuncture. He also was a master of Chinese Herbs, martial arts, and philosophy.

Dr. Richard Tan had a vast knowledge of Chinese medicine practices. He started his studies of Chinese medicines at the age of 7. His family in Taiwan has helped him to learn in-depth about Chinese Herbs and medicines. He also learned from numerous masters in herbal medicine, five-element, acupuncture channel theory, qi cultivation, jung fu energetics, and feng shui. He gained first-hand experience through various apprenticeships.

He also studied engineering for ten years and got a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering. For his engineering studies, he moved to the US as well.

Professional Life

At the beginning of his career, Dr. Richard Tan treated many patients who were receiving Western medical care in an army hospital. But the progress of his treatment was slow and the patients were complaining. Which inspired him to spread his knowledge about acupuncture among others and increase its effectiveness as well.

In cooperation with Dr. Chao Chen, who researched classical Chinese text, Dr. Tan has popularised and brought the balance method to life. The balance method is a very effective approach to getting a quick result through acupuncture treatment. This treatment holds an 85% success rate and reduces almost half of the pain within one treatment. These two geniuses have made it possible of getting rid of pain through the balance method and helped thousands of patients to feel better. 

For most of the time of his carrier, Dr. Richard Tan has practiced in San Diego. In his 30 years of career as the master of acupuncture, he has changed the lives of countless patients and got rid of their struggles. He studied the case of each patient carefully and kept improving his acupuncture skill. 

He took help from ancient books, recent technologies, and other scholars. After more than 20 years of improvement, he has developed his needling skill to the point that achieves immediate cure no matter the disease of his patient.

But he did not keep all his knowledge to himself. He never hesitated to share his methods and skills with others and taught various disciples. To give more people the opportunity to learn effective acupuncture techniques, Dr. Tan has traveled through the world. He traveled to the United States, many European countries, the Middle East, Central and South America, and Oceania.


Dr. Richard Tan has written various books on acupuncture and Chinese medical practices. Some of his books are ‘Twelve and Twelve in Acupuncture, ‘Twenty-Four More in Acupuncture, ‘Shower of Jewels’, ‘And Dr. Tan’s Strategy of Twelve Magical Points, and Acupuncture 1,2,3. 

He was a polyglot and translated his own books. He has published four volumes of his books in English, two volumes in Germany, and two in French. These helped students from other languages to understand his teachings better.


Dr. Richard Tan not only focused on treating patients, he also trained master students and passed down his knowledge to others. Students who practiced and learned Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have explained that the teaching of Dr. Tan is very exclusive and effective. They have gained the skill of treating patients using acupuncture and getting instant results. Dr. Tan’s teaching not only includes the methods and connection with patients, but he also connected his students with acupuncture principles and history.

Dr. Tan’s Successors

After Dr. Tan’s death, a group of people named themselves ‘Dr. Tan’s Successors’. They were never approved legally by Dr. Richard Tan himself. They tried to gain profit from Dr. Tan’s work. The issue had been resolved already. The ownership and copyrights of Dr. Rechard Tan’s works are owned by Dr. Richard Tan’s trustee. If you want to get the books of Dr. Tan, it is only legal if you get them from his trustee.

Online Courses

Since 2017 the recorded lectures of Dr. Rechard Tan have been distributed in various online courses and served many students. The platform eLotus has worked with Dr. Richard Tan since 2003 and got his permission to preserve and use his recorded lectures. They have divided the lectures based on their level and created more than 20 courses for students who could not join Dr. Tan’s seminars and workshops in his lifetime. They also promise to notify everyone when their video publishes every month.

Net Worth & Social Media Presence

Net Worth & Social Media Presence

We did not get any information regarding the annual income or net worth of Dr. Richard Tan. Dr. Richard Tan had been recognized worldwide as a master of acupuncture and helped countless patients to get better. 

But as he was not a conventional medicine practitioner, he did not get popular outside his circle. This Traditional Chinese Method of practicing doctor remained invisible to many people for decades. 

Though he practiced acupuncture for more than 30 years, he was almost invisible on social media as well. His works did not get much exposure on the internet. Dr. Tan did not have any official social media account on any platform. You will find some of his lectures on YouTube, but there is no channel under his name.

Contact InfoTrustee: Litton Tan: 858-405-0371 or
email: [email protected]