15 Best Hard Hat Reviews-The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Hard Hat

If you’re a construction professional or a DIY undertaking a renovation project, you should know that the risks are immense. It is crucial to fortify yourself whenever you are in a dangerous workplace.

Safety is the utmost issue; therefore, hard hats become essential to safeguard your head and precious life.

Keeping that in mind, this hard hat review aims to equip you with the required information. We set forth this review with the thought of your well-being and a safe workplace.

In this article, you’ll find a list of the best hard hats along with a few central details regarding this item. If you want to know the nitty-gritty details, dive along and scour through.

How Does It Work?

Hard hats are designed to keep you safe. Its main motive is to protect your head from blunt face trauma, fatal head injuries from falling debris. However, every section serves a specific purpose, and the design tries to ensure maximum security and comfort for users.

For instance, the suspension keeps your head separate from the inside surface of the hard hat. It creates a sufficient space that is needed to cushion your head when an external force is applied, such as heavy brunt or impact.

Moreover, there are different kinds of hard hats with a brim present only at the front, whereas others have outlined brim from front to back. In hot and humid conditions, this brim shelters the face of the workers from the UV rays of the sun. Also, it shields the worker’s eyes from the glare of the sun.

Furthermore, this is quite helpful in rainy conditions. This brim leads the rainwater from the back to the front. As a result, the worker does not have his neck and back drenched every time rain hits him. All these are basic functions that make this protective gear essential and useful.

15 Best Hard Hat Reviews

One of the most important goals that a company should have is protection in the workplace. In a job that runs the risk of physical hazards, hard hats are the best equipment for safety. Here are some of the following hard hat reviews with their best features as well as pros and cons.

1. Lift Safety HDF-15NG DAX Hard Hat

Lift Safety HDF-15NG DAX Hard Hat

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People who work in a construction site know the significance of a hard hat. It gives your head the optimal level of protection against tumbling objects. Other than this, it also provides safety in different job sites.

The Lift Safety HDF-15NG is the best hard hat for construction. It’s made with the highest quality materials and includes some fantastic features.

Also, its shell is constructed with fiber infused resin shell, which gives you incredible protection. The hard shell is highly protective of impact. Moreover, the overall design of the hat is unique and exclusive. The brim grip and an 8-point suspension mechanism ensure a secure and comfortable fit when you wear it.

It’s also very adjustable due to its large ratchet fitment dial. You can adjust the hat to your size with ease. Even while wearing gloves, you can use and adjust the hat comfortably. This hat boasts of its incredible shock absorption components at the top, which has molded foam integrated inside it.

Another notable feature is its moisture-wicking material that has microfiber liner. This improves breathability and decreases the accumulation of sweat.


  • High impact protection through hard resin shell
  • Ensures a secure and comfortable fit
  • Very adjustable due to fitment dial
  • It has incredible shock absorption elements


  • A little heavy

2. Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

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It goes without saying that the best hard hat must concurrently provide comfort as well. This is because some of the low-quality hard hats can make one feel as if they have got concrete on their heads. The Pyramex Ridgeline is the most comfortable and dependable hat on the market.

Usually, hard hats are heavy and awkward to manage, but this product is made from ultra-light materials. This makes it quite easy to carry around, and it also won’t weigh over your head.

Although it is quite lightweight, the hat doesn’t compromise its strength and durability. It also has brilliant electrical safety properties, which makes it the best hard hat for electricians.

The low-profile structure of the hard hat promotes excellent coverage. This will protect you from the bright and harmful glare of the sun. Moreover, its design is what makes it very comfortable, secure, and a natural fit.

Also, its four-way strap points can be easily adjusted at the front, back, as well as up and down. The padded and flexible swinging rear mechanism provides ultimate security and stability.


  • Full coverage with low profile structure
  • Highly adjustable and durable
  • Extremely lightweight and strong construction
  • 4-way strap points provide a customized fit


  • The paint might get chipped

3. MSA Tan Skullgard Hard Hat

MSA Tan Skullgard Hard Hat

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It’s quite common to hear about workers suffering from head injuries at construction sites. So, you must wear a hard hat to prevent such accidents. A hard hat like the MSA Tan Skullgard will keep you safe from falling objects and extreme heat.

This hat is perfectly suitable for a hazardous environment; it’s one of the best hard hats for construction. If you’re working in a place with high heat, the hat will offer excellent protection from it. The hat is capable of handling up to 350-degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

Therefore, it is highly durable, and it can withstand incredibly radiant amounts of heat. Since the hat is manufactured with fiberglass, it can handle temperatures that plastic can’t. It is quite versatile with its phenolic design, and you can wear it in shipbuilding, welding as well as building construction sites.

Moreover, it features a Staz-On suspension that will allow you to adjust the size according to your preference. So, you can get the proper fit for your head. The glossy and smooth design is very classy and functional.


  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Has the ability to handle heat up to 350-degree Fahrenheit
  • The phenolic design offers versatility
  • Contains excellent impact protection


  • Not very breathable

4. MSA 10079479 V-Gard Hard Hat

MSA 10079479 V-Gard Hard Hat

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For decades, hard hats have been used commonly as a piece of protective equipment. It is required in many applications, from manufacturing, welding, construction to forestry, gas, and oil. With the MSA V-Gard Hard Hat, you can increase the level of your protection and security regardless of the workplace you’re in.

This is the best hard hat you can buy at the most affordable price. It is incredibly lightweight and made from high-quality materials. One of the hat’s notable features is its versatility; you can wear it in any work environment. The unique V-design gives it a stylish look.

Additionally, the durable and sturdy design comes with a robust solution that allows you to use it in a hazardous environment as well as extreme worksites. You can also get it in different sizes, colors, and logos of your preference.

It comes with a natural and comfortable fit. The Fas-Trac III suspension mechanism will enable you to customize the hat to your liking. Moreover, the nape strap mechanism can be adjusted to three different levels. Therefore, this product ensures high flexibility.


  • It has an exclusive V-design
  • Contains a nape belt with three levels of adjustment
  • Able to handle hazardous work environments
  • Quite budget-friendly


  • Gets hot under constant sunlight

5. Fiberglass Hard Hat Black/silver (Cool Air Flow)

Fiberglass Hard Hat Black & silver (Cool Air Flow)

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Hard hats are designed to protect the most vital part of the body, the head. It protects people from falling objects and debris in a dangerous workplace. The Fiberglass hard hat is made of carbon fiber, so it is more durable and robust than other hats.

Although it has quite a simple design, it carries many unique and unusual features. It can be used as an alternative for the traditional protective hard hat in work environments such as steel mills and welding industry.

One might feel stuffy and uncomfortable after wearing a helmet all day, but this hard hat comes with a headband that can be adjusted to any size you want. You can also change the size of your hat and customize it according to what feels comfortable. Another notable and excellent feature of the hard hat is its ventilation.

The air holes at the top promote superior airflow and ensure high breathability. Moreover, the outer shell is made of fiberglass, which makes it very durable. The well-designed suspension gives it an extra layer of protection. It is also very lightweight, which makes it easier to use and carry around.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Made of strong fiberglass shell
  • Highly breathable through the air holes
  • Contains an adjustable headband


  • Average internal webbing

6. TRUECREST Hydro Dipped Black Full Brim Hard Hat

TRUECREST Hydro Dipped Black Full Brim Hard Hat

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It’s sporadic to find a construction worker without wearing a hard hat. This is because a hard hat offers immaculate protection for the head against falling objects and extreme heat. Since workers have to work in a hazardous environment, the hard hats keep them protected from injuries.

For jobs under high temperatures, the Hydro Dipped hard hat from TRUECREST is the perfect product for you. Unlike other hats, this fully brimmed hard hat remains cool in extreme temperatures.

A hard hat should not only protect the head but also keep it fresh and airy during long work hours. It’s designed to cover and protect your head from debris and heat. Moreover, the full brim structure of the hat will prevent the rain from dripping down your neck.

The hat features a high-performance ratchet design suspension that will allow you to adjust the size to your preference. It contains holes at the top, which gives excellent ventilation.

Since it is hydro dipped, the paint on the hat won’t peel off for an extended period. It is also quite lightweight, and the black hue gives it an attractive look.


  • Natural airflow through the holes at the top
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Includes a ratchet mechanism


  • A little large

7. MSA NFL Ratchet Suspension Hardhats

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Injuries to the head are quite common in work environments like construction sites. Most of the injuries are sustained from falling debris and objects. So, having a hard hat is a necessity in workplaces like these.

The MSA NFL is the most comfortable hard hat which can be worn during your favorite football match. You can wear it to showcase your team spirit and support.

This brand is known to produce unique and versatile hard hats that are incredibly durable. The V design of this hat boasts of its sturdiness, comfort, and quality. It is made to withstand any extreme environment and keep your head protected at all times.

If you have a friend or a relative who is a great fan of football, this hard hat is an ideal product to gift them. Moreover, the hard hat is available in different football team’s logos and colors. So, you can choose the one you like. The hard hat is perfect for head measurements 6.5 to 8, which makes it the best hard hats for big heads.


  • An ideal gift for a football fan
  • It is available in various football team logos and colors
  • Has a unique V-design
  • A comfortable and easy fit


  • A little unsymmetrical

8. AcerPal Full Brim Hard Hat

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Workplaces like steel mines, welding, and other kinds of industries are often prone to accidents and injuries. To work in places like these, you need to be well protected, especially on the head.

The hard hat by AcerPal is manufactured with high-quality materials. It is made of carbon fiber ABS material, so it is incredibly durable and sturdy. This hat is also able to withstand high heat temperatures with ease.

Moreover, the hat is quite lightweight, which is astonishing, given its hard and robust design. Its proper measurement allows you to wear it comfortably and without any difficulties.

Additionally, the full brim design protects you from annoying glares of the sunlight as well as from droplets of rain. It features a flexible ratchet 6-point suspension, so you will be able to adjust the hat according to your preference.

Furthermore, the hat has a trendy design of a graphite pattern of black matte. So, its overall structure will make you look great while you work on the construction sites.


  • Keeps you safe from sunlight and rain
  • Very lightweight
  • Has a ratchet suspension
  • Quite affordable


  • A little tall

9. Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat

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The design and structure of hard hats have improved significantly over the years. So much so that workers have a variety of options to choose from. The Pyramex Ridgeline hard hat is one such innovative product with lots of excellent features.

Since it is among the best, this hard hat is constructed with the highest quality materials. The ABS coating gives it an ultralight feature while remaining incredibly strong and durable. It gives you the best protection while maintaining its toughness.

Moreover, the vent holes featured at the top allows you to breathe with ease and provide excellent airflow. So, you can remain relaxed and airy even during the harsh weather. Its low-profile structure improves the hat’s balance by having the less gravitational center.

This hat also features a rear padded suspension mechanism, which gives you more comfort than you can imagine. Also, it has four harness points so you can adjust the harness to your liking, especially backward, forward as well as downwards and upwards.

With this kind of flexibility, you can get your desired position and comfort. It also includes padded fabric and foam made of polyurethane, which further increases your comfort.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Has the highest level of comfort
  • Very well-ventilated
  • Tough and strong ABS material


  • Slow replacement of sweatbands

10. Acerpal Full Brim Hard Hat

Acerpal Full Brim Hard Hat 4 pt Suspension

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Hard hats are made to protect the heads of people who work relentlessly in industrial, construction, and other such workplaces. Generally, carbon fiber hats are more tough, durable, and robust than the different types of hard hats.

This one from Acerpal is a full brim hat that is specifically designed for places that are hazardous and have extreme heat temperatures. For workers who work in dangerous areas like the steel mills and welding industries, this hat is their optimal choice.

Its full-brim design will keep you safe from the harmful glare of the sun as well as from the rain. The hard hat is constructed with materials from ABS, which makes it extremely lightweight and durable.

Although the hat is lightweight, it is manufactured to give you the best protection there is. It will keep you completely safe from heat and falling debris. The hat features a 4-point suspension mechanism that will allow you to adjust the size to your preference. Therefore, you can wear them comfortably all day.


  • Includes a soft brow pad
  • Easily adjustable with the 4-point ratchet
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Made of ABS materials


  • Weak suspension

11. Pyramex White Full Brim Hard Hat

Pyramex White Full Brim Hard Hat

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For construction workers, having a hard hat is as important as an organ. It keeps their heads safe from impact and falling debris. With the several different designs made by this brand, you will never run out of hard hat options.

The Pyramex Full Brim is the most comfortable hard hat in the market. Its outer shell is manufactured with high-density polyethylene, which makes it quite sturdy and durable.

Also, it is exceptionally lightweight and guarantees full protection. The hat can resist high impacts and falling objects. You can wear it in all sorts of applications like utility, electrical, and industrial environments. The 4-point suspension allows you to adjust the hard hat in 4 different ways.

You can adapt it backward, forward, upwards, and downwards. So, you get to enjoy customizing the hat to a comfortable and secure fit.

Furthermore, the other elements of the hard hat, such as the rear suspension, pressure pad, and sweatband, are washable as well as replaceable. The full brim construction will keep the sunlight and raindrops away from your head.


  • High-density polyethylene makes it sturdy and tough
  • Includes sweatband, rear suspension and pressure pad
  • Very comfortable and secure
  • Has an adjustable 4-point suspension


  • The coating cannot stand much heat

12. Evolution Deluxe 6161 280-EV6161-10V Full Brim Hard Hat

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A hard hat might look trivial and unimportant. But when you run the risk of having objects fall over your head, the hard hat becomes a vital piece of equipment to have. This way, your head will remain safe when you work in a dangerous environment. The Evolution Deluxe hard hat comes with a lot of amazing features.

And the primary component used on the outer shell of the hat is high-density polyethylene that is made of plastic. This notable feature is quite brilliant because its structure is very durable and sturdy. It is also able to withstand several harsh factors.

Moreover, polyethylene is the best material to use on a hard hat for ultimate protection. Furthermore, the all-around brim design protects the head from the constant glare of the sunlight and occasional drops of rain. The shell is quite well-vented and promotes high breathability. It also has comfortable suspension clips.

If a hard hat doesn’t have enough air holes in it, it becomes harder to breathe while working in a hazardous environment. But this hat has a sufficient number of holes at the top, which promotes appropriate air circulation.


  • Sufficient number of air holes
  • Best protection due to high-density polyethylene
  • Full brim structure gives coverage from external elements
  • Provides a secure fit


  • Slim sweatband

13. Honeywell Fibre-Metal Hard Hat

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Among other protective equipment like work gloves, work boots, a hard hat is also a vital piece that protects you from nasty accidents while working in a dangerous workplace. The hard hat keeps your head safe from concussions and minor injuries.

Also, the Fibre-Metal hard hat is one of the best hats made from fiber glasses. It also has several additional features that you won’t find in other hard hats. Even though it is quite lightweight, the hat is known for its strength and durability.

Furthermore, it has a fantastic resistance to heat, and it can withstand up to 370-degrees Fahrenheit temperature. So, you can easily use this hat in workplaces that have harsh levels of heat. It can protect the head from heavy blows of objects and debris because it is molded with fiberglass.

So, you can work at peace without getting a crack on the helmet or your head. Moreover, the hard hat is considered to be eight times the strength than other hard hats, which makes it very durable. The suspension mechanism also gives it a balanced weight.


  • Highly versatile
  • Is quite tougher and stronger than other hats
  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable and secure to wear


  • Wobbly suspension

14. Honeywell Fibre-Metal Cap Style Hard Hat

Honeywell Fibre-Metal Cap Style Hard Hat

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If you’re a construction worker, then you must know the importance of protective equipment. And the most significant material one needs is a hard hat. It offers the highest protection for your head against falling debris.

The Honeywell Fibre-Metal is the most affordable hard hat in the market. With this product, you don’t need to spend an awful amount of money on a fancy hard hat. This hat comes with incredible and state-of-the-art features.

Moreover, this cap style hat is also available in other structures and sizes with different colors. Therefore, you can choose the one you like. The 8-point ratchet system comes with an excellent adjustment ability. You will be able to fix and adjust the hard hat to your comfort.

Additionally, the front brim will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun as well as give you a stylish look while you work in the construction sites. Its smooth crown at the top provides fantastic impact protection as it can deflect any falling objects. Also, it contains a washable fabric sweatband.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Available in various colors
  • Secure and adjustable fit


  • No height adjustment

15. Pyramex Safety Products HP14030 Sl Series Snap Lock Suspension Hard Hat

Pyramex Safety Products HP14030 Sl Series Snap Lock Suspension Hard Hat

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It can be quite mudding to choose the best hard hat from the many brands and types. A proper hard hat not only protects the head but has some unique features as well.

The Pyramex Safety Hard Hat is an all-rounder since it contains many excellent features. Its primary material is high-density polyethylene, which is coated around the shell. This material makes it stronger and sturdier than other hard hats.

On the other hand, the structure of this hat is molded with the ABS component, which makes it quite lightweight. Although it is lightweight, it still gives you the highest protection as well as durability.

Moreover, the hat is quite perfect in terms of comfort, and it gives you a secure and natural fit. You can wear it lower on the crown with ease. The low-profile design of this hat is very stylish for convenient use.

This hat is quite capable of removing moisture. It has built-in earmuffs and chin straps, which makes it the most comfortable helmet than others. Lastly, an in-built brow pad is mounted that can be washed as well as replaced.


  • Strong and sturdy polyethylene structure
  • Extremely lightweight due to ABS material
  • Has a secure and comfortable fit
  • Built-in earmuffs and chin straps


  • The surface scratches easily

What to Look for before You Buy

Safety is mandatory on construction sites and other dangerous workplaces. Hard hats can ensure adequate security. There are some aspects you need to consider before making a smart buyer’s decision. The following section intends to help you with it.

  • Size & Fit

Before inspecting internal features, you should look into its external use. The hard hat needs to be tight enough so that it does not fall off when you are in the middle of your work. Also, the suspension of the hard hat should be adjustable to meet the size of your head.

  • Suspension

The harness which keeps your head in center position is called the suspension. It makes space between the shell of the hat and your head to prevent the direct impact of the force. The material of the suspension must be durable.

And the workers in most of the construction sites are working in elevated positions, so the suspension keeps the hat attached to the worker’s head.

  • Material

In general, hard hats are made from HDPE; in other words, high-density Polyethylene or polycarbonate plastic. These matters can withstand high impact and does not conduct electricity. In construction sites, as a worker, you will be surrounded by debris as well as heavy equipment.

Although the tools are secured, there is a possibility of them coming loose and falling on others. The robust material of the hard hat can protect you in such circumstances. Moreover, they are quite lightweight, so it makes hard hats ideal for more prolonged use.

Remember, aluminum can be used for a substitute material, only if the hats are used for deliveries or short trips to the construction sites.

  • Date of Manufacture

This consideration is essential because hard hats have a four to five years lifespan after its manufacturing date. That is why; you inspect the label to determine the hats’ remaining serviceable years.

  • Color

A hard hat’s color depends on the company’s color-coding system. The construction company determines the color based on work.

Occasionally, bright yellow-colored hard hats are for general contractors such as carpenters, masons, and laborers. They mostly work with heavy equipment. On the other hand, white hard hats are for the engineers, architects, supervisors, and VIP visitors on the sites.

Besides, this color indicates the location of the workers to the supervisors. Most of the company requires high visibility headgear, and it can only be possible with bright colors.

  • Certification

Certification determines the types of hazards hard hats can resist. All hard hats protect your head from puncture or impact, but few are specified to withstand certain factors.

For example, conductor-hard hats, otherwise known as Class C, can only do that. In contrast, Class G or general use hard hats have been certified to prevent injuries sustained from electricity up to 2,200 volts among the usual criteria.

Type of Hard Hats

Hazards can come in many forms; however, two models are notable. Firstly, Type 1 hard hats are otherwise known as the standard hard hats. This iteration is prevalent in North America. It focuses more on securing only the top of the head from injuries.

Secondly, there are Type 2 hard hats that protect the head as well as the sides. Generally, it is dominant in European job sites. There are also some hard hats which can be differentiated by their electrical performance.

  • Class C, Conductor

This class is designed only for puncture and impact. In most situations, this type of hard hat features aluminum. As it happens, aluminum is a good conductor. Thus, it is neither preferable nor recommended.

Moreover, worksites with electrified circuits banned this particular hard hat due to its choice of material.

  • Class G, General Use

The class G, formerly known as Class A, is constructed for penetration, impact, and also low voltages. For hard hats to get certified in this class, it should be able to resist up to 2,200 volts of electricity.

  • Class E, Electrical

Previously known as Class B, these hard hats resemble the functions of Class G hard hats. However, Class E stands out and is highly recommended because of its ability to tolerate 20,000 volts of electricity. In construction sites, these are the ones mostly favorable for usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding hard hats:

1. How to maintain and clean the hard hats?

It is better to take care of the hard hats at least once a week. At first, you need to remove the suspension and take out the tabs from the hard hat shell. Then, soak both in soapy water for five to ten minutes.

Next, gently scrub them to remove the weeks’ worth of dirt, grime, oil that is on the hard hat. Once finished, dry them out in the sun. At last, reassemble the hard hat and repeat the cleaning next week.

2. How long are hard hats good for?

Generally, most of the hard hat manufacturers suggest replacing hard hats every five years, even if the outside appearance is intact. However, if your worksite has extreme exposure to chemicals or high temperatures, it must be changed after two years of use.

3. Where are hard hats required?

As per OSHA’s guideline, workers are required to wear hard hats where there is a chance of head injury from impacts such as falling debris, low beams, and tools from above, and electrical shock or burn. These are mostly required on construction sites.

4. Where to buy hard hats?

There are different models of hard hats available in your local construction supply store. In online shopping, you can find more choices and be able to compare prices.

5. How is the color of the hard hats determine?

Usually, companies make their policy regarding the colors of the hard hats. In general, bright colors are restricted for workers with a heavy load of work so that they are noticeable. Your company will let you know based on your line of work.


Safety hazards are aplenty in construction sites. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the best hard hat.

This review should be able you keep you well-informed about the necessity of the hard hats. Also, we compiled a list of top-tier products for your convenience.

Remember, a day away from family and friends for livelihood is essential, but it is more important to make sure you are coming back safe and sound. We hope you find this article informative.