7 Myths about Animated Explainers – Debunked!

7 Myths about Animated Explainers – Debunked!

7 Myths about Animated Explainers – Debunked!

The myths regarding animated explainer videos arise from the fact that people aren’t aware of what an explainer video is. So, what exactly is an animated explainer video? It is a series of animations that are presented in a short clip with the whole message of complicated ideas, explained in a very simple manner.

The animated explainer videography is a popular job in the modern era. People have relatively less time but have a desire to engulf a large amount of knowledge. It happens in your everyday life. In those tough times, the animated explainer videos come to our rescue.

It is really very interesting that the animated explainer videos have the capacity of explaining a complex topic into a really simple and small topic within 2 minutes. The compression of the explanation is really tough when it comes to a particular idea, but the animated explainer video creators are doing it with ease.

Myth 1: Comedy is the only way to the animated explainer video.

The most common myth about the animated explainer video is that the video contains comedy. Explaining a term in less than 2 minutes takes humor, but that is not all. The animated explainer video may be on various topics and genres. The same explanation method does not work for different kinds of videos.

There are many topics such as serious issues regarding government, emotional issues, humorous issues, fundamental issues, and general educational topics.

Myth 2: Having your own explainer video script will help more.

This is one of the myths that need to be debunked at the earliest. There are many who are having the degree of animated explainer video scriptwriter. They are specialized in writing the specified script of the explainer video. Thus, it is important to have a specialized animated explainer video scriptwriter who can direct you have the best and compact script of the video.

Myth 3: No laughter for the explainer videos.

If you are given to explain any of your specialized topics in less than 2 minutes, you would need to have good vibes. To memorize or understand any animated explainer video, there should be a sense of light-heartedness, so a little humor can go a long way to be able to effectively process and retain a concept.

Myth 4: The animated explainer video must be 3-D.

There are no basic rules for creating animated explainer videos. The video must be synchronized well with each of the animation video criteria. The best way to make an animated explainer video is to have the best and compressed explanation of the most complex topic.

Myth 5: The animated explainer videos are not found in the search engines.

Animated explainer videos are all over the internet and can be found in almost every search engine. The search engine optimization needs to be perfect. Thus, the animated explainer videos are no less, and they do top the search lists.

Myth 6: Preference for long and detailed videos is higher.

This is the biggest myth of the animated explainer videos. The videos must be crisp, full of knowledge, and compact with a very short span of time explaining the whole concept without making it boring or something huge to understand.

Myth 7: Animated explainer videos are not pocket-friendly.

Now, if this myth is from the viewers’ point of view, then it must be debunked at the earliest. The animated explainer videos are one of the best pockets friendly ways of understanding topics online. Technology has truly been a blessing with this micro concept.

If the same myth is from the creators’ point of view, then it is definitely the biggest myth. As the video comes in a relatively cost-effective manner, the demand for the explainer video is quite high. Thus, the income of the animated explainer video creator is high too.


Concluding the myth, debunking is really a responsible task. As the wrong concept of the animated explainer video is high in society, it needs more attention and perfect knowledge.